SBI Customer Care Numbers: SBI Bank Toll Free Helpline Numbers


Introduction to SBI Customer Care:

State Bank of India is the first Indian bank created for the citizens of India. There was no other intention to open this bank as the country was in the early stages, so the Indian Govt had to take a measure to ensure that the country can experience and take the Banking services seriously, so the Bank came to be.

State Bank has a history which goes way back a century, which is a long time. The bank started as the Bank of Calcutta in the 18th century than later on the bank become an Imperial bank in the 19th century than later on the bank name changed into State Bank of India.

Since then SBI has kept on growing as the Indian has reached the point where the bank has a lot of challenges to face head-on. The bank is now spread across the country even in the smaller cities and villages. The bank is available for all sorts of people from rich to poor. The reason behind starting this bank to serve the common citizens.

Sbi Customer Care Number

The State Bank of India is now available all over the country even in the smaller regions, and you can access the services even in the smaller villages. Have you ever heard of subsidiaries before?

Let us show you what subsidiaries are, it’s timed to learn about the bank subsidiaries as the SBI has over eight other banks such as,

The Eight State Bank Subsidiaries are:

  • State Bank of Hyderabad (Started by the King Nizam of Hyderabad)
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
  • State Bank of India (SBI)
  • State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
  • State Bank of Mysore (SBM)
  • State Bank of Saurashtra (SBS)
  • State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

These are the eight state bank subsidiaries and remember the services are different and you cannot access SBH to SBI because they both are a different initiate.

Branches: State Bank of India:

State Bank of India has always worked to reach the customers, and they have started the initiate long ago, and they have several branches all over the country. The main office is located in the Mumbai. To carry other functions, the bank has launched branches outside of the Mumbai. The State Bank has over fourteen lakhs head offices all over India, and they keep on spreading each year. The bank has over 57 zonal offices all over the country, which are located in the major cities in the country. That doesn’t stop the bank, and the bank has over 10,000 branches all over the country, and they know that the needs of the customers are not getting fulfilled until they reach every village and city.

ATM Services: State Bank of India:

State Bank has learned to move along with the needs and use technology because the bank cannot afford to lose to Banking giants and the State Bank is a national bank, a lot of things are at stakes when they are planning something for the people. So the State Bank has started their own brand ATM’s all over the country. Just like ICICI, HDFC, SCB, and the other main banks. The State Bank has arranged a meeting where all of the subsidiaries banks head gathered in one place to come to a decision to share the ATM services since all of the banks belong to the State Bank.

Customer Care Support Number and Email Addresses:

Credit Card Users Can Get SBI Credit Card Customer Care Numbers Too

State Bank of India is a national bank and they a reputation with expectations to meet, so the Bank has set up an advanced team to make the customer care of the Bank, even more, better. The customer care of the State Bank of India is a well-trained team who are trained for those who want to create a new account but have no knowledge on how to sign up and rest of the details.

State bank of India has challenges to face since they have customers with absolutely no knowledge of banking services. The challenge is to share the knowledge with the customers and guide them no matter how much information do they have in the process they are asking for. Despite all of the challenges, the customer care has offered many services, and they are supporting every caller and encouraging them to open an account with a state bank, which is reassuring the customers that State Bank team is always with the customers.

State Bank of India Toll-Free Customer Care Numbers:

State bank of India has their own dedicated Toll-free number services for the loyal customers, you can contact them directly using the Toll-free number of the State bank of India. Remember, you can contact and enquiry issues related to the State Bank of India, so if you hold an account with State Bank of Hyderabad, then it just doesn’t work that way. Recently, the Bank has reported that they are getting irrelevant calls all over the country.

State Bank has reported that the bank customer care is now available 24/7, so you do not have wait for the State Bank, you can call them anytime when you feel like but there is no guarantee that you may speak with the executive you spoke last time you called.

  • Toll-Free Number:1800-11-2211 (for MTNL & BSNL users).
  • Toll-Free Number:1800-425-3800 (for any mobile number and landline number).

SBI Helpline Numbers:

State Bank of India has branches and head offices all over the country, so you can visit the nearest bank and find out what kind of offers and services they are providing. If you want to find out the Helpline numbers then you can reach the official website and locate the nearest bank and then pull up the information. It is that simple, or you can use the message format to find out the nearest Branch to your home.

The number for SMS is 008 202020 (Unverified).


State Bank of India is a prestigious asset of the country and is one of the major banks in India. You can contact the team to get assistance to open a bank account to other services.