Amazon Customer Care Toll Free Number, Email Address


E-commerce has taken place and changed the way of shopping around the world. It has taken a long time for the E-commerce sites to reach every individual who wants shop right at home. Amazon is also providing amazon customer care for helping customers.

E-commerce sites have now served more than 5 Billion people around the world, and there is no way that this industry is going to disappear anytime soon like or any other favorite sites. The e-commerce site has grown immensely over the past few years.

E-commerce industry has grown from simple few thousands of dollars market to billions of worth of market in just ten years, according to a Forbes. Not only that Forbes has also reported that E-commerce is going to evolve over the time and will grow in coming future, and also we can witness a few fantastic upgrades with the time.

Amazon Customer Care Number

One of the major E-commerce sites in the world is Amazon, which has been around in the industry more than a decade or even more because Amazon started under the name of Cadabra in 1994 then later changed the name to Amazon, which referred to Amazon Jungle.

What is The Value of Amazon:

Amazon has evolved over the past few years or at the very beginning of the Amazon. At the early stages, Amazon started as a small firm then later became due to the facilities they were provided during that time. Despite the fact that they might seem outdated but in 1999 Amazon services were rare and unique.

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Amazon Customer Care Number: Amazon. In Toll-Free Numbers & Email Address


Amazon is providing their services all over the world from major countries to smaller regions, and they have expanded to places where the CEO of the company doesn’t even remember the name. The chief executive officer of the company has reported that they are going to start to upgrade their services with the latest technology so that they can give the best services to the consumers and users of the Amazon.

Amazon has made it not official that the company is valued $70B, according to the Forbes 2016 evaluation Amazon is worth $70B. But other sources have reported that the company is valued more than $100B as the company has to keep moving forward with the latest technology. The revenue of the Amazon has never been revealed before and possibly you will never know that.

Amazon has made their presence in India very well, and they have also made a statement that they mean business and they have become one of the fierce competitors in India. There are many other sites which have come to fame because of few loopholes of Amazon services, one of them is the Amazon never had the option called COD until 2013, the Amazon India realized that COD is what is the competition better and better.

In 2013, the Amazon had made it clear that they want to serve Indian customers the way they will be convinced to shop from the Amazon.

Amazon Toll-Free Number:

Like I have mentioned before that the company is trying to make their every side much of user engagement and make their customers more comfortable. The Amazon Company has their dedicated Toll-Free number for their customers, and you can call them anytime. The services on the site are 24/7, so as the customer service. You can call them from almost from anywhere in India. What you need is an Indian registered number, and the Toll-Free number is 1800 3000 9009.

Amazon Contact Number:

Amazon has started their customer care for their customer with issues related to the products and the services. The services are active for 24/7 so that you do not have to wait to talk to the customer care. There is no contact number to the Amazon, and you can only call the customer care using the dedicated number provided by the Amazon.

Amazon has only one specific number to reach them so that you can raise a ticket or clear your doubts on the product. There is no alternative to reach them via voice calls. Customer care is dedicated to the customers so that you can make your doubts clear with the team of Amazon.

Amazon Customer Care Service Number:

Amazon has used their best sources and set up a team of HR’s to recruit a team who are full of positiveness, and they know how to take care of an upset customer then resolve the problems as soon possible to help the customers as faster as possible.

You can use the service number and reach the Amazon customer care team 080-3327300. We understand that you cannot digest the response of the customer care and want to take it to another level then you can reach the head office of the Amazon and let your voice heard. Here is the head office address you can use to reach the authority.

Amazon India, Brigade Gateway, 8th floor, 26/1, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, Malleshwaram (West), Bangalore – 560 055.

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Amazon Customer Care Email Address:

Amazon has provided anyway possible to help the customer to reach them even without calling to the customer care. You can do that by sending an email to the team of concern party. Amazon has access to the email which you can use and send your issue or feedback to the

Official Email:, expected response time, within a day. Customer Care Help Centre:

There are only three ways to contact the Amazon Help Centre authorities,

  • Customer care of the Amazon, which is available 24/7.
  • Official email.
  • Post your problem on the Official page of Amazon Facebook & Twitter.


Lately, Amazon has been making a lot of mistakes, which is leading much unhappy shopping experience to the customers. You can let your head by using the following official numbers, and if you’re not receiving a convincing response, then you can use your social media to explain the situation and let the authorities who can take care of you. Amazon customer care is always available, do not panic and maintains patience so that the customer care can process your issue. Now take things into your hands and make online shopping wonderful again.