Flipkart Customer Care Numbers 24 x 7 Toll-Free Helpline Numbers


One of the major e-commerce sites in India is Flipkart with best Flipkart customer care, and the concept is based on Amazon weakness, or you can gap holes which a couple of employees have found during their time off in Amazon customer care India.

The duo has started Flipkart in actually 2007, and they understood the Indian market at that point because they have been working in a position where they could understand the needs of the customers. The need is what makes a company best, better than anyone period.

Flipkart Customer Care Numbers 24 x 7 Toll-Free Helpline Numbers

Flipkart customer care India was able to reach the point where people can make an online purchase without paying a single penny. All they have to do is to provide a COD option, and they did that in 2007. Guess what they have made it successfully not only that COD options are what made use Flipkart for the first time.

The very first many have used online shopping website Flipkart because of the payment they were offering at that point. No one has complained, the idea comes to light because of the people.

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Flipkart Customer Care Numbers: 24 x 7 Toll-Free Helpline Numbers:

October to November is the season for India to have festivals. These are the months where you can expect all of the fun such as Diwali, Dussehra, Durga Pooja and other festive, which rings the bells of shopping malls and other needs. You can say that these are the days where money plays a significant role since you have plenty to shop to prepare for the festive.  These are the days where Online shopping sites will be used heavily throughout the country.

Flipkart is the first to start the trend of “Flipkart launched its Big Billion Day sale in 2014“, which is a huge flop not because of the of lack sales or lack of promotion but the company was not prepared to meet the requirements of the customers. You can say that Flipkart had failed to meet the expectations back in 2014. On the same occasion, rivals sites started the similar trend to get attention from the customers.

The Internet has reached many lives throughout the country, and digitization is one of the major factors. Online purchases have become questionable because the online shopping sites are adding fake products to the site. Did you know 90% of the Apple products on Amazon are fake?

Getting attention is all well but convincing the people is difficult, and this is where the marketing strategies come to play and save the Flipkart day.

Currently, Flipkart is planning to relaunch the Idea of Big Billion Day, the preparations have already begun a few months ago so that they won’t fail again. After the competitors have also launched their Big Billion day, now Flipkart is ready to take on the competition.

Flipkart Toll-Free Customer Care Number:

Flipkart started out as a two-man team which later on became one of the major E-commerce, which all know about. What you do not know about them is that the company started as the two-man team, so the company owners know that the value of the customers needs as they are common people as well.

Flipkart founders always worked hard so that they can provide the best and friendly environment for both Customers and Employees so that they can give the best output for the customers. The Flipkart has evolved in several ways and one of the that is customer care. The company has always focused on making the customer care more approachable so that customers can get the best assistance and make the customers comfortable no matter what mood and aggressive the situation is.

Customer care has made a lot of efforts to make the upset customer care feel that they are in safe hands and they will the best possible result for their order. Now that Flipkart has the best team the industry can offer, as they have recruited the best teams you can find in the E-commerce industry, which is only focused on providing you with the best.

Flipkart Customer Care Number:

Flipkart has their customer care number, and the company has purchased their dedicated number so that customers can reach the authorities to inform or let the authorities know their queries.

You can use the dedicated number to contact the Flipkart and also the customer care available 24/7 so that you do not have to be online to contact them. Flipkart has also taken care of those who do not want to spend a single penny in making a call to the customer care so the company has decided to have their Toll-free number so you can contact the customer care without any fuss.

You can reach the Flipkart customer care using the Toll-Free number 1800-208-9898. You won; ‘t be charged for the call unless your number is not registered with the Indian telecommunications.

Flipkart Help Centre at Flipkart.com:

You can use the comment section, or you can say review section to get the help and views from the already purchased customers so that you can get the information you are looking for, in case if the customer care has failed to support you then you can check out.

You can use the social media to let the authorities hear your voice, you can post your problem on social media and grab the attention of the users so that they can support you, that will get their attention.

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Flipkart Contact Number and Office Address:

If you have something better in your mind, then you can reach out the company headquarters.

Address: 6/B, Mahatyagi Laksmidevi Rd, Koramangala 1A Block, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560034.

Flipkart Customer Support Email Address:

In case, if you are in a situation where you cannot make a call then you can explain the situation using an email. You can only send an email to the authority cs@flipkart.com.


Flipkart has made many changes to the customer care to enrich the customer experience and you can full advantage of the customer care abilities. You can leverage from the Flipkart customer care as they have access to many options, which you get even in a website.