Is getting a Python certification worth it


Python is a high-level language and can perform complicated tasks. It is easy to learn due to its simple and clear syntax. Python is gaining more popularity with time. It is the most loved programming language among data scientists, developers, and software engineers.

The versatility, compatibility, and flexibility of Python make it stand out among other programming languages. It is used in a variety of applications including Data science, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, predictive analysis, academic research, customized services, game development, scientific calculations, and so much more.

Python certification

The rise of Python as a major programming language has even been mentioned by popular communities like Coding Academy and Stack Overflow.   

Here we mention why Python is the most popular programming language:  

  1. Python is user-friendly. It is very easy to learn and use. It was developed in the late 1980s with the aim of developing a programming language with simple syntax. This language is developed around English-like syntax which makes it very easy to learn and code. This will save a lot of your time and you can learn other skills too. Python has been around for decades but still continues to be popular and in demand. Its striking features makes it a preferred choice among coders, game developers, hackers, and software engineers. 
  2. Compatibility with data science: R has been a top language for data science for a long time, but recently Python has emerged as more popular and preferred over R. There are many comprehensive libraries and frameworks that make it easier to work in the field of data science. As the scope of data science continues to rise, the demand for skilled Python professionals is also increasing. Data science has the potential to bring out a revolution in the global market and we are heading towards it. Data science is the future. Most of the organizations are realizing the need for data-driven decisions in order to lead in the global markets. These organizations are actively looking for Python developers to help them in fraud detection and risk management. Since Python is emerging as the most preferred choice for data science and machine learning, it is also a top demand for many companies. The commonly used libraries for data science are NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, seaborn, etc.  
  3. Open source and large community: Python is open-source and hence is easily available. You can access its features without any issues. Python boasts of a huge community. There are various online groups, discussion forums, meet-ups, workshops, events, etc. You can post your doubts and queries in the discussion groups in case you face any technical issue or any other sort of doubt. It is always helpful when your learning process involves people like you and experts from the same background. These communities have people working in different domains. You can get to understand industry trends. The necessary skills recruiters are looking for and what resources to refer to in order to learn Python. You will get the required motivation to put your efforts in the right direction. You will get the mentorship and guidance in your learning journey. 
  4. Attractive features: Python is a flexible language that means, it can work on many platforms like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc. Python is an interpreted language which makes it easier to debug the code. Python is extensible. You can write your code in other languages and compile it in Python. This is performed using libraries like Jython and Cython. There are a variety of data connectors available in Python which can help you deal with large volumes of data. As the amount of data generated is increasing, the need for a robust language to operate on this data is increasing. This is when Python comes into the picture. It has data connectors for different data sources to operate on a variety of data. 
  5. Scripting and automation: Python is not just a programming language but also an excellent scripting language. You can write and execute the code in the form of scripts. The machine reads and interprets the code. Error checking is performed during runtime. Once the code is checked, it is good to go. You can run the code several times. You can automate complex tasks by writing scripts. 
  6. Python offers a number of comprehensive frameworks for web development. Python can be used to build server-side web applications. The popular frameworks are Django, CherryPy, bottle.Py, flask, pyramid, web2py, etc.

There are a number of organizations and institutes that offer Python certification. While there are many options to choose from, it can get confusing to choose the program best for you. One should look for a value-based certification program at a reasonable price. It should not be tiring and time-taking. The goal should be specific and should span over twelve to eighteen months. Since there are many candidates who are seeking opportunities in these areas, it becomes necessary to earn a certification which is also considered as a benchmark of your knowledge and skills. Python is here to stay. So it is the right to invest in a certification course that will be relevant even in the future. Here we list down a few of the benefits of gaining a Python certification:  

  • Most importantly, certified students make great employees. They deliver the quality and performance required by the company. They are already equipped with standard knowledge of tools and techniques and can deal with difficult challenges very well. They gain the trust of their employers and clients. 
  • Certification improves marketability in the workforce. Many recruiters consider certification in order to select candidates in the screening round itself. This is very crucial. Only after you make through the first round, you are allowed to showcase your skills and knowledge in further rounds. It creates a good first impression. With the growing competition, it is highly recommended to add certification to your profile in order to get distinguished among a pool of candidates. 
  • Certifications are cost-effective. It covers a number of aspects at a reasonable price. Though there are many options available in the market, most of the good certifications are affordable considering the higher pay you receive once you land a job. You get to learn a lot of stuff along with hands-on and mentorship within a short span of time. It is very reasonable to invest your money and time for such plans which guarantee good returns.