Reliance Jio Toll Free Customer Care Service Number


There is no introduction needed when we mention Reliance, currently the Reliance has made an impact on the Indian telecommunications with a huge hit and that is Reliance Jio 4G. The services are simply unbelievable as they are offering more than what you have ever asked for. Reliance Jio has affordable data plans, and those with 4G enabled smartphones can access 4G till December last day.

Can you imagine you can use 4G on your smartphones until Dec without paying a single penny, which is an incredible offer any other network has offered till date? That is something you are looking forward to, and now many have Jio Sims on their smartphones using the services at full scale.

Ralaince Jio Customer care

Of course, we are talking about the Reliance, and there has to be a strategy behind all of this, and there is a strategy behind it where the Reliance is going to benefit from it. And there is more than what you think, I mean, the Reliance is one of the major industry in the world.


Reliance Jio Toll-Free Customer Care Service Number:

Before we take you to the Reliance Jio Customer Care Service Number, let us share you a couple of things you did not know about the Reliance Jio. You might be aware of many things behind Reliance Jio 4G and rest of their services which we are going to explain before the customer care info.

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  • The first thing you need to know is that, if you own older smartphones or say that you have a smartphone with 3G enabled but not 4G then you can say goodbye to the Reliance Jio. The reason is Reliance has labeled the Jio services as the “Reliance Jio 4G”, which is crucial because if your smartphone doesn’t have 4G enabled then none of the services will work.

Truth: Your smartphone needs 4G connectivity to use Reliance Jio 4G or any other services.

  • The second on the list is, Did you know that Reliance Jio uses a network called “VoLTE.” In simple words, you will make calls using the Data Connection, if you are supposed to call then it’s not the network but the data connection. There is no problem if you are calling a person, who is using Reliance Jio as well then you won’t experience any issues in call quality or any other issues.

Before that you need to install an app called “Jio Join” because that’s the way the whole plan has worked out, and top of that your calls may fail, for example: If you are calling a person who is using any other network such as Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, or Tata it could be any network then there are higher rate of call failure.

The network has reported that the other networks are helping at all, and it is true. You will never experience any issues in call quality or call failure when you call Jio to Jio/Reliance because they have made it that way. However, the other networks are not supporting Reliance Jio 4G.

Truth: The reason why none of the competitors are supporting because the service will end on Dec 31st and the rivals have enough on their plate.

  • There is no data on what will happen to that customer who has purchased the Jio sim after Dec 31st. The company has a huge plan in their sleeves for the people. There are a lot of speculations are going on that the company might be going to make huge profits in the coming future with their new vision for their company. The Jio is a huge hit on all markets from Mobile stores to play store. The Jio apps are on the top of Google Play charts.

Commercially Reliance Jio 4G is a huge hit in the market, many have figured out what Jio is planning to do after Dec 31st. Many have stated that the company is going to take a few extreme measures to make a profit out of huge following and subscribers. Many have switched to Jio 4G without paying a single penny. You can get a free sim as well and use it till Dec 31st.

Reliance Jio Toll-Free Number:

Reliance has set up a team to recruit the best Customer care executives and make Jio 4G even better. It has worked properly, and the training module has reached an advanced level so that they can take care of the customers care quality in providing better services and information to the customers who call to the CC.

Reliance Jio 4G is hugely initiated by the Ambani, as they have also added a dedicated number, which is only of three digits and also a Toll-free number which will not charge you when you call the customer care.

Here is the Reliance Jio Customer Care Toll-Free Number– 1800-88-99999, no matter what network you are using; you can contact the Jio 4G customer care as long as you have an Indian registered number.

Near By Reliance Jio Offices:

Jio 4G is all over India, and you can reach them in several ways other than just calling them.

Name: Company Secretary and Compliance Officer, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd,
Address: 9th Floor, Maker Chambers IV, 222, Nariman
A point, Mumbai – 400 021, Maharashtra, India
Contact: +91-22-44770000.
Email ID: &

Reliance Jio Customer Care Number For Jio Customers:

This might seem a little odd, but there is a different number to contact Jio to Jio customer care, they have a dedicated number which is also a Toll-Free number especially made for Jio users. If you are a Jio 4G user, then you have the privilege and have access to things which non-Jio user does not have. You can contact the Toll-Free natural number, but if you are a Jio user, then you are at an advantage.

Toll-Free Number: Jio to Jio Customer Care.


Jio 4G can only be used in a 4G enabled device and if you are the non-4G user then you can kiss a goodbye to the 4G services. Here are the Toll-free numbers to contact the jio customer care.