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Geometry dash has emerged as one of the most popular mobile and steam game since its introduction in 2013. It is a 20-level running game which features a different unique soundtrack for each of the levels. In fact, seeing as rhythm is a big part of the game’s play features, it is quite natural for the soundtrack of Geometry Dash to gain the kind of popular attention that it has.

Players love the tracks and almost everyone has their own favorite option. The game also has additional features such as Map packs, winning secret coins during the game, levels created by users, a wide range of game icons and game modes. The latest version of the game has also come up with user-created coins and even a secret vault feature for the additional thrill. Yet, the base of the game continues to be rooted on its exceptional soundtrack. The latest version of the game has introduced a few other tracks to join the original 20 levels that were a part of Geometry Dash since its launch. Here are the top 5 picks of the all-time favorites from the tune lists of the Geometry Dash soundtrack.

Geometry Dash App

Geometry Dash Apk Soundtrack:

Theory of everything

It is the soundtrack of the twelfth level of the game. The track has been re-invented as the theory of everything 2 as the official eighteenth level of the game as well. The twelfth level of Geometry Dash is referred to as the ‘Demon’ level due to its intense difficulty level. The TOE (1 and 2) versions make it the only level to have two featured composers – DJ Nate and F-777. TOE 2 takes about a minute and 32 seconds to be completed and the initial version of the track is about 1 minute and 26 seconds long.

theory of everything

Geometrical Denominator

This is the track for the nineteenth level of the game. This track was the only of its kind that was specifically composed for the game. Walterflame composed it and the track was released after the launch of the level itself. It also holds the record for being the only track in the game that has not been cut to be modified or edited. The track is 1 minute 40 seconds long.

geometrical denominator


The twentieth level of the game features this soundtrack. It is also considered one of the hardest levels you can play on this game. It is a 1 minute and 40 seconds long track and you will face all of the four types of available speed portals within this level of the game.


Blast Processing

This is another level rated within the ‘harder’ category for all the levels on the game. The Blast processing track is 1 minute and 42 seconds long and it features in the seventeenth level of the game. It is a rhythmic beat and it does not have a speed portal, which makes it the second level introduced after Electrodynamics that does not feature one.

blast processing

Hexagon force

This track is featured on the sixteenth level of the game. It is the final of all the levels in the series ‘insane’. It also introduces the slow and normal speed portals in the game. The hexagon Force track is a minute and 31 seconds long and it is one of the top popular tracks featured on the game.

hexagon force

Geometry Dash: Frustratingly wonderful

Geometry Dash, the most popular game played on mobile’s and PC is an obstacle course game, where players can choose the character they like and avoid traps and to jump over the obstacles. Though the graphics used in this game cannot be termed as outstanding, the design is much similar to the popular old games like Tetris. The design is quite geometric and so is the character you choose to play.

The popularity of this game is not due to the graphics used, but it due to its original features and the combinations used. These are the two factors that make this game quite unique among others that have been released in the recent times. The best feature of this game is its immersive soundtracks and the players can also choose to play a trial or can start playing directly.

The Soundtracks of Geometry Dash

Every level of this game comes with a soundtrack and this feature is something which is not normally seen in other games. Even the touch screen comes with very special details that grabs the attention of the players and keep them immersed in it.  If you as a player wish to enjoy more effects of the game, then you can plug-in your headset and enjoy the soundtracks. But in midst of all these, make sure that the spikes do not touch you or else you would lose a life and you will have to start over again.

The game of Geometry Dash is known to be quite an addictive one. The game has an excellent game play and this is what makes the players glued to their devices for hours together playing. The basic game play of Geometry Dash is moving the character through one square which is filled with obstacles. Players can fly in the air and spin. The aim of the player is not to touch any of those prickly tips which come in between. Once you touch the same, you would lose a life and will have to start all over again.

One of the best aspects of this game is its feature of mode creator where players can create their own levels in the game and can also share the same with their friends and community. Other than this, players can also download the levels that are made by those from the community.

If you are a great player of the game of Geometry Dash, you can also help your friends by sharing how you play. The game allows the players to record their game play and share the same with their friends. All your friends can now know more about the feats you do while playing this.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the game of Geometry Dash is quite addictive and due to the various features and a simple yet complicated game play, the game stands as the most favorite among many players.  The game can be played on a mobile device or from a PC as well.

Geometry dash App online:

A wondrously simple game designed to test the speed and skill of a person, Geometry dash was invented in 2013. Ever since its release the game of Geometry dash found a large scale and intense following and adoration among millions in the world. It is now available for play on almost any platform and operating systems like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PC. Although the game exists in several variations and versions, the basic rules of the game stay the same and the ease of access makes it largely popular with any number of crowds across the world.

Geometry dash which is quite popular as a rhythm game has 18 levels altogether and each has a very unique background score. The players need to move a square in this environment where they face restrictions. Finishing the game can be a hard task, especially if you are a beginner as even a very small mistake can land you back in the level 1. In each and every level the players need to move the block by escaping from the obstacles.

The game of Geometry dash is now available online as well. This online Geometry dash is basically the same version of the game and therefore promises the player the exact experience of the original game. Playable across various internet sites, Geometry dash online has found great appeal and demand in all quarters of the market. Playable for free and accessible within a matter of minutes, Geometry dash online has made it easy for anyone who is interested but does not have access to a console to play the game and be a part of the cult of Geometry dash. Since the game is a single player game, there is no need for people to wait for others to come online and such and therefore can be played instantly.

The basic game play in the online version of the game is the same as the mobile game. Where in the mobile, the players use a touch screen, here when playing online or when playing on the PC the navigation’s that are used for paying this game would change. Like for example, the player can use the space bar to jump over any obstacles when playing this game online.

The use of different versions of the game makes it even more interesting for people. There are versions that require the player to complete levels as fast as possible and there are others which require the player to play for the longest time possible. All version have their distinct challenges and roles and can be played anywhere on the internet for an unlimited period of time.   The complete online version of this game is also available at the Amazon app store and also at the Xbox 360 and Ovi stores.

But the players have to make sure that they play the no download version before they go ahead and make a purchase for the full version on the app store. If you are new, just use the practice version of the game to understand and then go ahead with the purchase.

How do you get stars in Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash, the most famous rhythm based game is quite popular among the gamers of all ages. Geometry Dash is a game that through its massive scale design, a game play and style change has become one of the biggest games in the world. Started with a very basic design and a concept of escaping the spikes by jumping and spinning across in order to escape them, these games have several new additions and features now and also involve a lot of changes in terms of the rules and scoring of the game.

The greatest selling pitch for Geometry Dash is its widespread and traditional availability for play on a variety of platforms. Apart from PCs, the game is available on platforms such as hand held gaming devices, more recently mobile phones.

The game of Geometry Dash uses a simple tapping system which is more like a moving icon and this is what the player pushes or held down. The players cannot control the speed at which the icon moves, as the very main objective of this game is to finish each level by reaching its end. This is where many players fail and have to start from the beginning again.

Players can get stars in Geometry Dash by finishing the levels. To earn these, the players need to focus on their speed and also the timing in which each level is completed. As the player completes one level and reaches the other level, they earn new icons and some such icons help the players to collect secret coins or stars.

Players can earn the number of stars if they complete the levels that are user-generated. One needs to go to the featured option available under the right button in the menu and start. More stars can also be earned by finishing the mappacks.

Every level the players are in need of some stars or coins this help the players to succeed. These are also needed to win the game. Each and every level in Geometry Dash also has these stars and coins which can be earned by the players, but on many levels, these are very much hidden.

Earning stars in Geometry Dash is not as easy as it sounds. Many players earn the good number of these are they progress from level to level. But players also need to get themselves updated with some tricks on the gameplay where they can earn more stars. There are also a number of tips which fellow players share online on various forums and communities related to Geometry Dash. There are also a number of online sources that some with cheats as well as tricks which will help you earn some extra coins.

Like any other game, Geometry Dash too has its own set of rules to play the game. And to get the most of any game, players need to practice and with a game like Geometry Dash which provides hours of entertainment, it is not hard to spend some time mastering the game.

Top 5 best songs of Geometry Dash App:

Geometry Dash is the most popular mobile and a steam game developed in the year 2013. This game is quite popular for its rhythm-based gameplay and each level of the game features very special background music.

The game of Geometry Dash has a total of 20 official levels and the players earn rewards after the completion of each level. The game is fun and exciting and the developers have added an additional feature of soundtracks which make playing the game even more fascinating. These soundtracks have the best of the catchy and the retro-inspired sound themes which will get the gamer immersive in the gameplay.

When we talk about music and gameplay, how can we stop talking about the most favorite among the ones that exist? So, we here bring you the top 5 songs from the game of Geometry Dash which can be heard at various levels of the game.

  1. Theory of everything: The song of the “Theory of Everything” is the soundtrack at the 12th level of this game. There is also another song named Theory of Everything 2 which is the official soundtrack at the 18th level of the game. Theory of Everything by DJ Nate is considered as one of the best songs of Geometry Dash by its players.
  2. The Clubstep: The Clubstep song by D J Nate is the soundtrack for level 14 of this game. Gamers not only love this song but also love this level of a game, especially the hard flying parts.
  3. The Deadlocked: This is the song which is loved by most of the players of Geometry Dash and is at the level Deadlocked. The level too is known to be one of the hardest, but thanks to song, players do enjoy every bit of gaming at this level.
  4. The Base After Base: The song of Base After Base is one of those peaceful and slow songs. This song is mostly loved by the beginners and even the level of this game is cool and enjoyable.
  5. Electroman Adventures: This is one song from the Geometry Dash which is known to be best Techno song one could ever listen in this game. The song is at an 8-bit level and is loved as it is fast paced and fun.

The above mentioned are the top 5 songs of Geometry Dash and some of the others which are as popular as these are Electrodynamics, Geometrical Dominator, Back On Track, Can’t Let Go and Theory of Everything 2. Apart from listening to these songs while playing during these levels, players can also listen to these songs online.

A number of websites have an option where the players can listen to their favorite Geometry Bash Songs and also download the ones they like.

So, the next time you have completed a level in the Geometry Dash but are unable to get over your love for your favorite soundtrack from this game, then do not worry. Get online and listen to the best songs from this game right away.

Above is the list of the Top 5 best songs of Geometry Dash. The game of Geometry Dash can be accessed from mobile as well as from PC.