Popcorn Flix App Free Movies Review


Hi everyone, recently you might have heard that biggest torrent sites are being taken down by authorities.barely a few torrents are running well, for now, as per the reports soon they will be taken down as well.It will be a bit difficult to find latest movies on torrent.But PopCorn Flix can wipe all your difficulties.Popcorn Flix is an another excellent which supports piracy and provides latest movies in high resoultion..So today here in this article I will be doing a review of Popcorn Flix app, I’ll also include all the best features, pros and cons of this app in this article, So without wasting any time further lets star tour review

About PopCorn Flix App

Popcorn Flix is created for wants to watch great movies for free.Popcorn has all the latest movies collection to make you laugh, cry, inspire you, etc.All the great movies are just a two taps away and all for free.Popcorn Flix is more than just an app which provides movies for free.

popcorn flix app

Popcorn Flix App Review

I love the interface of Popcorn Flix app.It’s too easy to use and navigate.but the menu is hidden to make more space to find movies and watch.Popcorn Flix has all the different genres in the menu such as comedy,drama,thrill,action etc.You can search movies by title using search option in the app.Overall interface and design looks cool

Video quality isn’t that good in popcorn flix.if i am not wrong then popcorn flix provides DVD resolution movies,i couldn’t find the exact resolution of videos,However videos are watchable and sounds are also decent enough.Hope porpcorn flix will work on video quality and should fix it in the next update

Every streaming app will have some buffering and loading issues.users have to wait for several secounds to start a movie,but unfortunately i never faced any the buffering issues as i have a speed internet connectivity,So things might not be same in your case

Best Things about Popcorn Flix

Popcorn flix is totally free to watch and enjoy,you watch as many as movies without any restrictions.However you have to pay for the movies you watch in the form of watching ads.but unlike other apps Popcorn flix ads are very short like 10 -15 secs.You have see a 15-20 secs commercial in the begining of every video.The longer movie is,the more commercials you have to watch though out the movie

You don’t need to create account on popcorn flix to watch movies.just install the app and start watching your favourite movies with just a tap of button

Pros Of Popcorn Flix App

  • popcorn flix has a cool interface and easy to use function for users who are not familiar with these kind of apps
  • Has a wide range of movies including all genre movies like comedy,drama etc
  • Popcorn flix will run perfectly on almost all android irrespective of device specifications
  • popcorn Flix will run as smooth as butter if you have good internet connection and big screem devoce


Corn Of Popcorn Flix App

  • Vide qualtiy could be better,apart from that no issues


That’s all guys,thanks for reading our article