TowelRoot Apk Latest Version And It’s Features


Rooting your Android device isn’t a hard thing or process if you are familiar with root apps and other things related to root. But if you are a newbie or a beginner in rooting things then rooting your Android device can be a difficult task as you need to find perfect rooting app which should be able to support your mobile brand and it’s model. And also an app which should be able to root your Android device safely without bricking it or causing any damage. But most probably newbies fail to find a perfect app to root their Android device or to find the ideal version of a particular rooting app which supports their Android device model.

But today in this article I will share a perfect solution for your problems if you are a newbie. First of all, I want you to get sufficient knowledge about rooting like advantages of rooting and causes of rooting an Android device. You can find all these information in our previous articles. We share each and every bit in a perfect manner in a simple language. We don’t want to make things complicated or involved by using difficult words.

About TowelRoot 

It’s always good to do some research about a particular app before installing straight away on your device. So I’ve decided to mention some info regarding TowelRoot and how far it is trustable. Most of the rooting apps which you see on the internet aren’t a trustable. As soon as you install those shitty apps, they will start gathering your information and sell that to different firms and companies without your permission

But TowelRoot is not one of them. Towelroot does perfectly what is says; Towelroot is one the best and reliable app to root your Android device safely. It can also root Samsung phones which are quite difficult to root using regular root apps. Towel root carefully installs required files to root your device without causing any software damages. And the app is fully trustable and safe to install on your device

Download And  Install TowelRoot On Your Android Device

towelroot app

First, you need to open your settings and head over to security settings. Then scroll down and there you will see option ”Allow apps to install from unknown sources.” Just tick mark that option and you are ready to install any .apk file of android apps

  • Download TowelRoot .apk file by clicking on this LINK
  • Your download will begin automatically and should be completed within seconds as the size of Towelroot is the only 101KB
  • After downloading the apk file, head on to your downloads folder and click on the .apk file which you downloaded from the above link
  • Click on install and the installation of the app will be completed within few seconds
  • Now you are good to root your Android device using TowelRoot

How To Root Android Device Using TowelRoot

  • Open TowelRoot app; there you will see an option called Make it R1an.
  • Just click on that button and wait for few seconds/minutes. Until the rooting process completes
  • If you get a success message or pop up then you device is rooted properly, and if you don’t get it then you should try some other app to your device
  • That’s it, now if you want to check your device is properly root or not then follow the below steps to check

Check Root Status Using Root Checker

  • You have to download Root Checker app from Google play store; you can do that by clicking on this LINK
  • After installing the app, open it and click on verify root status button and wait for a few seconds
  • You will get a success message in green color if your device is properly rooted
  • You will get a message in red color if your device isn’t rooted


Note: we don’t hold or responsible if anything goes wrong while rooting your device. And we recommend you to take a backup of all your data and media files before rooting your device. Some devices need to be formatted/reset to install the root files in the root directory of an Android. So it’s good to take a backup and save it your SD card. Our article is for educational purpose only

There is nothing wrong in rooting. In fact, rooting gives you freedom of utilizing each and every part of your android device in it;s full potential. However, sometimes things might not go well, and the results can be negative. So before going to the manufacturer, we highly recommend you to unroot your device if possible or else directly flash any ROM so that the device will be unrooted.

Features Of TowelRoot app

No doubt that TowelRoot app is an outstanding app in rooting most of the Android device. Here are the three excellent features of TowelRoot

  • Roots almost any Android device safely and accurately without causing any minor or significant damage
  • No need of PC to root your device. TowelRoot app does the rooting job independently and brilliantly
  • Performs excellently and provides supports for almost any Android


You can do many wonders if you have an Android device. But to make your device perform to its full potential, you need to root your device so that you can dig deep down into the settings and make some tweaks to improve the performance. You can also do things like overclocking your processing to unlock its full potential for better speed and multi-tasking.

Final Words/Conclusion

There are a huge number of apps available in the market to root your android device. And most of them fail miserably fail to complete the task correctly. And some do the task perfectly of rooting an android device like King room, Framaroot, etc. TowelRoot app also works fine as it has high success rate in rooting almost any android device

Before giving an end to this article, we wanted to thank you for visiting our website. Do let us know if you have any queries or suggestions by using comment section