Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS


Social networking websites have changed the rule of connecting people, you can meet new people using these websites and hang out with them. However you might not get what you want from that friend you met on social network site. So, here are the Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS.

That’s when dating Android app launched to solve this puzzle. Dating app helps like minded people to open up and hang out with each other. Open up new source of opportunity for each other.

Dating apps are for those who have issues finding that particular person for themselves to kill some time and have fun from hectic busy daily life. By registering on these apps you can find you someone who matches with your personality and hang around with him or her.

Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS

Dating apps have made a fortune to the founders of the app. with this estimation done by founders of applications, you can find over billion people worldwide. However nothing comes at free of cost. You might have to loose you wallet to pay few bucks and subscribe to dating apps package.

The dating app idea was a phenomenal revolution, which changed the course of dating by Tinder. That’s the first pops up in to every one mind when dating app is mentioned. After Tinder came to lime light, it has inspired many others to start their dating apps which leaded to several creations in 4 years.

Doesn’t matter what is your reason behind using any of the dating apps but one thing is sure. You will learn how to meet people who are on multiple platforms.

Dating apps are currently trending on multiple platforms. Finding the best and working app is quite troublesome since the android & iOS market is crowded with clone apps. Today will share our short listed Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS.

Dating Apps for Android and iOS:

Here are the Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS.

Ok Cupid Dating App:

First up is Okcupid has started out as website on the year of 2004.  Okcupid has been in to dating category since 2004 and been serving as a popular dating website over a decade now.

OKcupid thought its the right ime to enter in to smartphone market since smartphone market keeps evolving. Okcupid has very unique interface which lets you to control the app functionality smoothly.

Okcupid has been around fo a long time with huge database of users. You can consider okcupid as Tinder alternative. Okcupid has filters option to find the best match for you based on your interests.  Okcupid is very easy to use and fast in delivering results. Okcupid has borh free and premium version.

Tinder Dating App:

Tinder is the dating app ever launched and succeeded in delivering the best features and results. Currently Tinder is the liked smartphone app in dating category. Tinder is famous for the user’s authenticity. You can meet new people, i mean real people using tinder. Tinder uses social media profiles for their sign up process to ensure the user is the real deal.

Once you sign up, you can search for people who match your interest, hobbies and more. Then you can text the person, if the other user responds then you can chat then take things to next level. At first Tinder was free to use but now they have started to charge users about $9.99 to subscribe to their package.

are you thinking if this service is worth to attract new people to talk to you? i leave the judgment to you.

Hinge Dating App:

On the third position, Hinge is standing on 3rd position with some outstanding features on this app. To begin, hinge use you facebook to sign up for. Once you are done with singing up, Hinge search for matches from friends of friends.

Social media is quite interesting, unlike tinder hinge use your friend of friends list find out the best match for you. You have a limit of 14 days of time to start a conversation with your match. If case if any one of the user fail to start conversation then the match will disappear from the chat box automatically.

Hinge has some unique features which makes you’re online dating a little secure and safe. The Android and iOS app comes at free of cost. You can download it on app store for free.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App:

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App is also considered as perfect replacement for Tinder, after all Coffee Meets Bagel has some unique features to offer. This dating app is exclusive to show you one match at noon based on your interest.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App does not show you some random matches like other apps. Coffee Meets Bagel finds a match someone from near from your location and you taste of choices.

Grindr Dating App:

Grindr dating app is another dating app for little more specific interested people. Grindr is made for users who are not straight. I hope you are following my points. This app is dedicated to people who are more interested in meeting people who are not straight. Dating App:

Match dating app is for those who are serious in terms of dating. Match has a huge user base from your location and helps you find your perfect match so that you can meet new people. If you found someone, you seem that match is perfect you then you can simply send his/her a wink to let the other person know that you are interested.

Match android and iOS app comes at free price but the access is limited, why? Match knows they are offering some good features you are interested in, which is why they made up their mind to charge a reasonable price to users.

Bumble Dating App:

One thing you will find similar about bumble is that it is not free. Bumble is most affordable dating app in the list. Bumble dating app has unique features to avoid your inbox filled with fake and spammy messages. To secure safety of users they are using social profiles during their sign up and after sign up to avoid harassment of any user.

If you have found a match for yourself then you can text the person, if you do not get any reply within 24 hours, the match will be archived and you will expect to hear from that person again. There is a limit per day and the other person on the list must reply within 24 hours of time, Almost every account on bumble is legit, thanks to the policy of bumble they are following. You can check our the app before subscribing,

DragonFruit Dating App:

DragonFruit is aim to provide dating services to those who are always on the first bench of the school and colleges. Think you know where i’m going with this? I meant with the geeks. .DragonFruit is specifically made for geeks who are seeking opportunity to find somebody with share similar views and mindset.

Geeks mostly like someone who understand what they conversation they are having with. With DragonFruit you can show off how much of geek you are. This app will help geeks to find some one who is just like him/her. The DragonFruit dating app for geek is completely for free and it is worth checking out.

Plenty of Fish Dating App:

Plenty of Fish Dating App also called POF is one of the leading dating app for singles. The app is currently not available for all countries. POF has several features, more like freedom of sending unlimited messages, you can make voIP calling, you can send text to any POF user, it is free of cost and more. The app is a leading dating app with millions of users active each day and you can discover new people to hang out.

Happn Dating App:

Happn dating app is what you are looking for because it lets you discover new people from you distance location and it shows how many happn users you have crossed path with. Which is kind of exciting. It also tell you number of time you have crossed the path with someone.

Happn is more like Tinder as it has similar features like if you like someone , they can like you back to start a conversation, this is quite good. You must have noticed “super likes” on Tinder helps you get notice to other users. In this case you can either buy credits or earn them by inviting your friends to join Happn.

Happn is one of the leading dating ap around with very positive reviews on play store. It is currently available for android and iOS platforms and it is available for free to download. Most of the features are similar to Tinder and it is worth to try this app out.


Dating apps share one common thing that is to introduce to new people each day to hang around after your busy schedule of daily routine.

There are several android and iOS dating apps, we have short listed several apps and made Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS. You can also find the best background check site for dating online.