4 Apps that are helping to prevent the spread of COVID19


The global Coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways the world operates for good. As working patterns, holidays and social events have all had to quickly innovate, so our daily lives have become unrecognisable from how they were at the start of the year. With the race to find a Covid-19 vaccination still underway, people are slowly having to find new ways of doing things. In many regions of the world, after an initial outbreak followed by a lull, infection and transmission rates are steadily climbing again, leading to renewed fears and calls from national governments to reduce our social contact with others. 

In the face of all this uncertainty, one big gain – and a saviour for many people – has been the ways in which technology has risen to the challenges presented by Covid-19.    Smart applications can have a transformative effect in our lives as we try to get used to the ‘new normal’ way of doing things. Here are four of the technologies underpinning modern life in a post-pandemic world:

Covid Transmission Trackers

We all have to balance the need to live as normal a life as possible with managing risk and reducing our proximity to situations where we might compromise our health. Thankfully, technology can lend a helping hand as we return to places of work, education and leisure, with a raft of track-and-trace apps launching. Government-endorsed apps will help individuals to manage their risk profile by alerting them to location-based outbreaks or prompting them to get tested if they have come into contact with someone testing positively for the virus. This sort of dynamic management is likely to be the way forward until an antidote is found, so downloading a track and trace app may enable you to make smarter decisions about what you do and where you go.

QR Code Readers

Methods of giving contactless information are coming into their own with the reopening of many venues and places of business. We’ve seen a dramatic resurgence in the use of QR codes as a shortcut to signpost customers to information, or allow them to order food and drinks while seated at a safe social distance. Downloading a QR code reader makes it easier to plan your trips out and comply with regulations while continuing to enjoy things like meals out. Viewing a menu, buying a ticket, placing an order and lots of similar basic functions can all be accessed simply by pointing your smartphone camera at a QR code –  providing a safer and seamless experience.

Food Delivery Apps

If you don’t fancy braving a pub or a restaurant to eat out, then you can always opt to have your favourite food brought straight to your door with a food delivery app. Many restaurants have adapted quickly to the changing regulations by introducing a takeout service so that customers can continue to enjoy their offerings at home. Applications like Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo have experienced a huge boost in recent months. Mobile Ordering app helps your customers easily order online or use their mobile phone to order ahead. They minimise risk with contactless payment, doorstep drop-off and by the delivery drivers wearing masks, so you can have your favourite meal safely

Parcel Tracking

Online shopping has been the real breakout success story of lockdown, and as people aim to limit unnecessary social contact it’s trajectory is set to continue. More and more people have discovered the value and convenience of being able to order to a home or office address without risking a store visit. Apps such as parceltracker.com facilitate contactless collection, helping those who work in office blocks or are living in large residential block to collect their packages safely. 

Apps have a role to play in helping us all retain as much normality as possible as we navigate our way through the ever-changing Covid-19 situation.