SuperSu app Apk Latest Version Download And It’s Features


In our last article we’ve written about Framaroot app, and undoubtedly it’s one of the best apps for rooting your device in an easy and quick way. So today in this article I will be discussing SuperSu app which is the best alternative for FramaRoot. If you haven’t read Framaroot, then I do recommend you read it. Much interesting I mentioned in that article. But here in this article, I am going to mention all the best features of SuperSu app and how to root your android device using SuperSu app.

Rooting isn’t a trending topic but still the number of searches regarding rooting and best apps for root is increasing tremendously nowadays. So we’ve decided to provide some of the best ways to root your Android devices to our readers.

Note: AndroidGuidesp is not responsible for damages caused to your device in the process of rooting. However, we’ve to provide best ways to root your android device without any damages, but we can’t guarantee your safety. So try at your risk

About SuperSu app

It’s always to good to know about the app before trying it. SuperSu is created and developed by a famous developer called chain fire. SuperSu is downloaded by more than 50 million users and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 in google play store. So after seeing the statistics, the app looks trusted and safe.

The SuperSu root app is playing a significant role in managing root privileges which we have heard from the users who are using it for a long time. And the recent updates makes the app more effective.

If you are looking for any app for root privileges for your Android, then you are at right place. SuperSu can root your android device without any errors or crashes.

How To Download SuperSu And How To Install

First of all you need to turn on ”Allow apps to install from unknown source option” To do that you need to head over to settings, scroll down to security settings and click/tick mark on Allow apps to install from unknown source” Now you can install all the apk files of Android apps on your Android device

  • Open Google play store and search ”SuperSU”in the search box or else you can download the app by clicking on this link
  • Install the app and run the app on you android device
  • I recommend you to reboot your device completely once done with installing the app on your Android device
  • Now open the app. you will be prompted to update the binary files if required. Click on continue to update the data so that the app can perform well on your device
  • That’s all you have to do.

Now you can easily manage root permission on your device with SuperSu app. The app does the job well in handling the root permissions which certain apps require

If you face problem in the app, then you can contact XDA developers for resolution

Features Of SuperSu App

If you see the download page of SuperSu app in google play store, there you will find reviews of the users who downloaded the app. Almost all reviews are positive there. So you can expect the perforce of this app just by seeing the reviews of it on play store. But let me point out some of its awesome features below

  • Whenever any app tries to gain root access or needs root access to run then you will be prompted with two options, either you can grant the permission to get root access, or you can deny from getting root access as simple as that
  • A few apps don’t work if they detect the root, but with SuperSu you can temporarily unroot your device, and later you can revert it back
  • Great design and provides easy to use navigation, different themes also available in pro version of the app
  • Automatically the app will keep tracking the apps which you granted for root access in the background. So next when to run that app, SuperSu will automatically allow it to get root access
  • You can also revoke the root permission of any app if it starts misbehaving or stops working

Apart from these, there are many awesome features in the pro version of SuperSu. In google play, store pro version is priced at 231  INR. In pro version, you will also get a lock feature by which you can lock the settings using a pin so that no one can change or modify the settings without your permission. SuperSu also logs the activity of root apps by which you can analyze the performance of root apps. FramaRoot also does a great job and performs really well on almost all Android devices. But SuperSu also deserves a shot of trying

Final Words

Once you download the SuperSu Pro version of a Free version. You can enjoy the smart management of root privilege which certain apps requires. You may get confused because there are two apps available in the Google play store with the similar name that is SuperSu and SuperUser. However, both are designed and developed by ChainFire. The aim of SuperSu is to act as a guardian for rooted Android devices, and it does perform well as it says.

In case if you face any issues while using SuperSU then feel free to comment your problem below, In that caseWe will try our best to reply with a perfect solution for your problem. However, we don’t guarantee you that we can provide solutions for all problems as we are not the developers oIn that case,we recommend you to head over to XDA developers support thread.