Top 8 Best Toddler Apps for Android Smartphones


Nowadays the number of apps are growing in millions day by day, and almost every person is has a smartphone nowadays. Most of the people probably will be having an Android because it is much cheaper than any other OS and there are the ton of apps available in the Google play store for android. There’s no doubt that Android can be very useful in almost all situations and the variety of apps launching day by day for Android users makes it cooler. There are numerous types of apps out there targeting all age group peoples.

Till now I’ve almost tried the different variety of apps by installing them on my Android, I keep the good and useful ones and uninstall the rest. So today while surfing the internet I found some very helpful and best apps for age one to three children. So based on what I found today I’ve titled this article as Top 8 Best Toddler Apps for Android. If you have any kids, then I recommend you to read this article till the end because I am going to tell you some cool and fantastic apps for your children which help them educationally and also improves their brain. I know that you all need an app which uses less space of your Android and should run perfectly on your device. So based on my experience here are the eight apps which I found very useful and performance is excellent/good

Toddler apps

without giving much introduction, I would like to start the topic that is Top 8 Best Toddler Android Apps listings.

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Top 8 Best Toddler Apps for Android Devices:

Kids Animal Piano Free Toddler Apps:

Kids animal piano is in the first position in our list. This Toddler apps is very much popular in Canada and US. The results in India are also quite good enough. The app was totally free from crashes, bugs, errors. In simple words, the developer has made many improvements over the months to make it as a perfect app. The app offers an excellent game for children and also has few songs. Children will enjoy playing the piano game in this app and won’t be bored so soon.

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Toddler Coloring Book Free:

Toddler coloring book is another excellent app which improves your child’s color recognition strength in an easy and interesting way. There’s nothing much to complain about this app. However, free has some limitations as expected but you can upgrade to pro version, You’ll get 58 sheets in pro version to fill away with color. This is the best digital way to keep your child entertained all the time, and I’m sure that you won’t regret downloading this app on your Android device. The app is so simple and interesting. All you have to do choose any color and fill it up in the sheet which isn’t a difficult thing. Also, it keeps the kid busy in coloring and learning.

Download link:

Toddler Kids Puzzles:

Toddler Kids Puzzle is an exciting puzzle game for children. But more likely it’s not a puzzle game; It looks like learning games. I highly recommend this app for kids because this app doesn’t have any types of children. It’s entirely free from annoying ads which pop up in the middle of the way and breaks the child concentration. Toddler Kids Puzzles is an award-winning puzzle game app which improves your child’s brain. As the child progresses in the app, it offers new and challenging puzzles to solve. The app works flawlessly and deserves a shot of trying.

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Toddler Fun:

The app size is only 537 KB and does not occupy much space on your Android device. The app offers five games that are stars, fireworks, Draw, Connect, Particles. All of them are useful and exciting for kids. I like the game ”connect” in which you have to draw lines between the two balls to match them up. It makes the child’s mind more flexible and increases their recognition accuracy. Other games are quite good and interesting in kid’s point of view. The app looks so cute and beautifully designed which is something I would like to appreciate the developers. The visuals are great and attractive. In the future, they may add more colors and visuals to make it more wonderful for kids.  Go ahead and try this app.

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First Words for Baby:

Like Toddler fun, this app is also very small and has a unique concept. When you open the app it shows different kinds of attractive photos of animals, birds, instruments, goods, etc. and when the child clicks on any of these pictures then an automated voice tells the name of the bird, animal, item, etc. which makes the child remember to names and makes them learn new things. There is numerous interesting and useful stuff in the app for a child. This app is also available on IOS platform to download and installs on your IOS device

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Nursery Rhymes For Kids: Nursery Rhymes For Kids is an awesome app of rhymes. It has many and impressive Rhymes for a 3-year-old kid. You will get a free seven-day trial period after installing the app on your device after that you have to move on to pro version of this app. But the deserves to be called as the pro. In between the Rhymes if you touch anywhere on the screen then you will hear some sounds just like the piano. Good animations to get a smile on your kid’s space while listening to rhyme. The app also has the top developer batch on it in google play store. There’s nothing much to complain. You won’t regret giving a try to this awesome app. The app is also available on Itunes.

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ABC Flash Cards for Kids Game:

ABC Flash Cards for Kids Game Toddler apps is an outstanding app which helps the kid to identify the letter and pictures in an interesting way. If you are going somewhere or in store, then this app can be very useful for you. Just give the phone to the kid and it keeps him busy in it in an educational way which is something appreciable. The app also makes the child’s mind sharp and intelligent. The app shows different cards with letters and pictures which you have to trace. A simple game which improves your child’s brain and keeps them busy in learning new letters and words. The app is specifically built for nursery kids. The app educates the boy with a simple game. Hope you will like the app as I did

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Toddler Counting 123 Kids Free:

This Toddler apps is available on both Android and IOS platform. Toddler Counting 123 Kids is a fantastic counting game for kids which is much more different than other casual counting apps which are available in Google play store. The child can count the items in any order and every time new items will be showed to count. By this, the child won’t gets bored so easily and improves their counting speed. Advertisements in the game can destroy the fun of the child, but you can avoid them by upgrading to a pro version. The app teaches how to count by providing different items in different orders. Slowly the kid will start counting any number of digits with the help of this app. You can give it a try and if you like the app then do your positive comment on the app in google play store

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The above-listed Toddler apps will improve your kid;s mind by providing different games and fun ways. Also, the apps aren’t that expensive if you want to avoid ads completely. I also say that the experience of these apps may vary from device to device. In my experience everything was fine. No crashes or bugs while using the app. In the free version, i faced some annoying advertisements which completely distracted me. Apart from that, there were no major complaints with these apps in usage. I recommend installing the apps on Tabs, Phablets or any big screen sized devices so that your child can accurately touch his tiny fingers on the correct place while tracing numbers or letters in the games.

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