Top 15 Anti-virus Apps for Android


As how important a computer required an antivirus to protect their side of an important information. Even more important for your mobile to keep your important collections and information secured.
As most of the users have come across to the issues of having a bugs into their mobile or virus attacking their files which was interrupted their documents are music videos every time the news so in order to protect yourself and get rid of such activities top 10 mobile antivirus are collected and analysed by us to make sure customer can use antivirus in their mobile phone with uninterrupted services.

This below applications are in only subjective Android serial. This application may or may not support apple iOS systems as into the same goes for Symbian phones.

Top 15 Antivirus Apps for Android

Most of the customers had always a problem using the devices with an uninterrupted services because due to heavy downloads of anonymous applications installed in their mobile which will end up losing some of the important files or Malware injected into their mobile phones.

The applications what we are about to suggest are some of them may be in trial version or maybe a free virgin or could be a paid version but making sure hope that you are completely safe enough to download any of the Google Android application did android antivirus is really important for your mobile phone to keep all of your information safe and secured.

As many comments and reviews left by the users they always I had a good experiences and happy hours using antivirus into their mobile phones but every antivirus have their own specifications and features involved to keep your information safe and secured.

Some of the applications will provide you the indication of live malware inject.this will help you fix the issue automatically without any manual work.

And some of them may ask you to fix issues by your own , but they do have a feature to fix automatically or else they provide you steps to follow to fix issues. And in order to download this particular files you need to go to the Google Android market to download this application sometimes it may ask you for the user details to log in order to create an accounts and we are pretty much sure this wouldn’t take much of your time to create an account for you.
Once the account is created equal straightly it will take you to the place where it will start working on to your mobile to fix all of the issues what you have at this moment so it is really very possible that your mobile is going to be safe from the day one where you didn’t have this application.
So let’s see which is going to be your favourite application which will help you with all of your mobile virus issues so let every one of the 10 best articles to understand which may help you around stay tuned.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016

Bitdefender she is one of the easiest and fastest application to download and install in your mobile phone and this will help you to protect you from the Malware and Virus attacks there is any anonymous is trying to get access your mobile and this has a great performance to Quick Heal to your product and your mobile where you will not have any issues going future.

But you may have the difficulties to run the stand while you are working on your mobile phones have a boy so we are going to come out with such idea why this may be fixed soon.

Bitdefender has a possibility of paid for free to use the services have a birthday to provide a trial. of 1 to 30 days to use their services and we are pretty much sure you are going to be very much happy to using their services.

Did you have a manual switch will guide you step by step how to initiate the virus scanning updated and they do have updated version which will allow you to control the Shield and also open the shared it means that even the shield are open it will automatically detect the virus and hackers it will remove it immediately.

They do have the auto scanner, which will keep scanning in every files if anything has got already affected and it will recover and fix that issue as possible. So you have options to resume of us any of the given services provided by Bit defender there it will help you to take your own decisions at any given point of time.

Application is a one of the top 10 applications on the following reasons of providing customers Eco-friendly and customers custom changes there do have the customer service helping you are 24 by 7 to chat with you to get the information by the way in regards to the anti virus and protection.

So if you think this particular information was useful to you and maybe this would apply to your mobile requirements then what you are waiting for why don’t you go buy one for you and give a try and I am sure they will provide you are 30 day or trial or else if you still have any doubt you can do visit their website and come to know about more information by speaking to the the team as they are available 24 by 7.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky was always been the most recommended antivirus by the customers and even be reviewed by the labs and Solutions so this Kaspersky has been into top positions in competitive to others antivirus products.
Kaspersky do have a solution for mobiles and as well as for the desktop or laptop so you can do choose any one of the best you need and you can do give the trial for 30 days and the customer service available 24/7.

Kaspersky will help you fix the issues if you are on mobile where it will auto detect and scan on it own every time you try to browse any of your mobile information.
It has a capability of not only fix the issue but also keep the file safe and secured. As per the customer incident which was found as a comment in there website that is they were the important files which was got affected without his notice and he was really worried about but thanks to kaspersky was able to find it out and fix this without any interruption and he was able to use that important file again.this is how the customers have to say about the Kaspersky as a feedback and even there are more than millions of customers believe is that Kaspersky is one of the trust worthy and trust full antivirus available till day

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

This product is one of the most recommended for that provided by us on the reasons of multiple devices at one price. This product will provide you without licence of one time payment if you have unlimited of gadgets like more than 3 to 4 you can still use this product as a friend to you.

This product will help you fix the issues which are in your mobile phone but also it will auto detect malware Where are easily hackers are trying to get access your mobile phone and it will automatically delete those or repair those files to keep all of your important days are safe and secured.

This product will not provide you with the licences where need to input or can be used for 1 time. This will provide you as zero time licence available on multiple devices.

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton is one of the famous and recommended product by United States the distance has most of the citizens would prefer to have Norton or Norton 360 applications are for the desktop softwares.
Norton will not only help you fix the issues which are there in your mobile phone but also it will help you fix all the hackers Already tried accessing your mobile phone and this has a capacity not only to fix the issues,malware are injected in your files, but it will remove the files and keep the information safe and secured.

F-Secure Anti-Virus

This product will help you get rid of Trojan Malware and also it will help you fix the issues which are there in your mobile phone and it has the capacity of the contained infected files removed from your mobile phone they are some of the customers have to say that sometimes it won’t work how was supposed to be but the issue was solved later after checking the the team,they do have the 24/7 availability and customer services to help you fix all the issues or doubts any have.

Avira Antivirus Pro

This application has been rated as one of the top listed in the world of antivirus applications and this has a capacity not only to control devices which are injected malware or trojan malware but also this can resolve all the basic issues of the cookies and cache which are available in your mobile phone.

They are about more than 10000 customers who are using this  antivirus which is helping them in their desktop laptop and mobile phones and this has a great feature of auto scan and other detectors which will fix the issue anytime if you face as such.

Panda Antivirus Pro

If you want to see an interrupted issues using your important files on your mobile then this application is going to be a good friend going future I have this is one of the certified by customers and the lab because he’s had a modified and updated information which is actually affecting very much in the market.
This has a capability of not only controlling the virus but also it will keep an eye on every files time to time and it is really easy to stand and even there will be no problem using this while working on your mobile phone and this has a great features to run a scan once you are done with your work.

This is not only available in the Google store but also this is available in the iOS store and this has a great features as you can download and use a trial period. before you pay the amount.

This application is very effective for Malware and Virus attack if anyone are trying to get access it is a very much impossible for them to gain the access.

Trend Micro Antivirus + Security

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + Security is antivirus software that protects against viruses and spyware, as well as other malware: keyloggers, hackers, operating system exploits, dialers, malicious scripts, ransomware, email attachments, malicious ZIP files, Trojan horses, rootkits and worms.

This is available in all type of applications like Google i o s and desktop and laptop and this has a great feature where they will provide you up 30 days of trial the little check and it in the side for yourself and this has a great customer support of 24/7 with their executive and get more information about the antivirus.

BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard is good antivirus software with early detection features. BullGuard Antivirus does this with antispam tools, impressive early-detection features.Ask customers need all the files save as early possible this application will help you with all the information before you come to the notice and most of the customers has to say that he’s been a very good print them in case of the mobile Gadgets and desktop so what do you think this is going to be helpful for you then why don’t you give a try of 30 day trial and decide for yourself and I am sure they know have a 30 days and 24 by 7 customer service.

As how the competition in the market of subjective the antivirus it is really well to find this kind of applications without actually helping the customers however it is it doesn’t matter to this kind of applications as they have their customers who was supporting them and referring them till date.
But we came to know that this is one of the best applications available in the market at affordable prices to get all the benefits and features ready in compare to other above applications so what do you think would you like to give it right then why not go for it.

eScan Anti-Virus

eScan Anti-Virus has a built-in firewall, unlike most antivirus software.This application is very less published and promoted how-ever it has a great capacity to control the virus and malware to keep the fires safe and secured and this is never the less but it is one of the most recommended at affordable prices there one should have it at their Gadgets and as you already know that are slow how you spend your amount on your desktop on laptop it is very important how much is safe when you are trying to download such applications in your mobile phone and I am sure this is going to be one of your favourite because they have all the features which are available in market.

Conclusion :

About articles and the information in regards to mobile safety and security all the articles and the applications are been reviewed and checked.
Every mobile need an antivirus to keep their important files or documents are any videos safe and Secure and it is even more importance to have your own antivirus installed into your mobile and this is really effective and good for your mobile activities what you do on a daily basis.
All this prices which are mentioned by the name of antivirus these are completely going to be the same and there are some possibilities of having your vouchers which could save some of your amount from your pocket.
This application to provide a 30 days Trial free to check their services and if you like it second ago but without any second part of hesitation and they do have a customer support and chat to chat and if you to clarify all your doubts anytime in order to download the application or to take any decisions.

  • This above application will help you with job on the basis of the virus.
  • Attack and defacing.
  • Trojan Malware.
  • Hacking.
  • Snatching Your Information.
  • Early detection features.
  • Antivirus does this with Anti-spam tools.
  • Antivirus + Security.

So what you are waiting for why don’t you give a try that any of the applications which are available on Google Android market and it’ll do give a try with the 30 day trial. to understand who is your important friend.If you have any more information or valuable feedback where you would like to Advisers please feel free to leave your valuable feedback under the comments section and don’t forget to say tune with us to know more about a new articles and understand which is going to be the best for you and we will make sure we will do review before the update all these information are top categorised and recommended by millions of users.