4 Of The Best Minecraft Mods You Can Download


Minecraft modding makes everything better. The game itself is tedious at best, but with mods, the gameplay becomes infinitely better. So if you are looking at what Minecraft mods to install, this article is for you:

Why install mods?

Minecraft mods are fun because it lets you take your gaming to the next level. Most people don’t realize that mods aren’t just new worlds to install; some make it possible to make your experience more streamlined. Others will let you work on your builds better. While some will turn your mining into another world altogether. Interface mods are usually the ones that are frequently downloaded.

So how do you install Minecraft mods, you may ask? That’s simpler than what most expect. You need to check first if your desktop or laptop can support mods. Most average-specced setups will suffice. After that, you’d need to follow the instructions on the mod on how to install it properly.


Arguably one of the best, if not the premier interface mods for Minecraft, Optifine turns the pixelated interface of Minecraft into something akin to HD. The mod also makes you have better control over your graphics, which means you can tweak it to your heart’s content. However, Optifine runs on high requirements, so you’ll need a fast computer for it.


Fastcraft is a great alternative, especially if your computer can’t take too much of the heat of HD and high-graphics gaming. If you have lots of Minecraft mods installed, Fastcraft significantly takes the experience better. It improves the overall performance of your computer while building as well.

The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest is a simple exploration mod that can be installed in Minecraft: Java Edition. It’s not the most polished when compared to other exploration mods like Candycraft and Lotsomobs. But what it lacks in shine, it makes up with the intensely dim and mysterious world that becomes more interesting as you delve in it deeper.

With the Twilight Forest, you will be transported into a new realm full of fully-fledged dungeons, boss battles with mechanics, as well as several unique loot and items. To access the forest, you will need to create a portal, one which will directly transport you to it. Protip: you also have to install ConnectedTexturesMod for Twilight Forest to realize in your game fully.


Part of the numerous expansive mods that are taking the Minecraft world by a storm. Buildcraft lets you turn your whole Minecraft build into a sort of industrial revolution. With Buildcraft, manual mining will be a thing of the past. You get auto crafting tables that can build you anything with the right ingredients.

It will also give you quarry and combustion engines, which will increase your production tenfold. Imagine the things you can do and build with this mod. Plus, there’s a dedicated Discord for the mod, so you can check out new and nifty tricks from the community.

Simply Jetpacks

Simple Jetpacks is another expansive mod that takes your Minecraft gaming to the next level. It’s one of the simplest mods out there, but also one of the most effective. The recipe to Simple Jetpacks? It’s the ability to take you through the map with an instantaneous flight. The more expansive packs can take damages, as well as decrease your chances of falling.

For the uninitiated, Simply Jetpacks are add-ons that you can readily access after installing the mod. You will need to have the Thermal expansion mod in the first place. There are at least four jetpacks which you can use: leadstone, hardened, resonant, and reinforced. Take note that these packs have different properties, speed, as well as fortification.


If you like the experience to be more exciting, mods are what you need. Mods don’t just make cosmetic changes; they take Minecraft gaming to the next level. So if you’re in a rut with Minecraft, get to modding now!