Minecraft Mods 101: Everything You Need To Know Before Installing Minecraft Mods


Minecraft is one of the most interactive and overall fun online games today. The best thing about this online game is that it is even better with mods. Minecraft is a game about building blocks and an alternate virtual reality from your imagination. Imagine how fun it would be when this dynamic combines with a lot of cool mods.

Minecraft is very enjoyable because it takes advantage of the imagination of the gamer. As you know, online games wherein a player can be creative are incredibly fun. It is safe to assume that Minecraft is here to stay together with its massive fanbase.

There is nothing more fun when a kid or gamer can use his or her imagination and lay it out in a game platform. It is because of this dynamic that there are a lot of Minecraft addicts today. Mods even fuel these gamer’s addiction more and more. Take a peek on everything you need to know about installing Minecraft mods.

Make Sure Your System Is Ready

It is always necessary that you check the system in which you are going to install the Minecraft mods. For a smoother installation process, you should check your storage space beforehand. You would not want the install to halt just because you ran out of space.

Now that you finished your pre-Minecraft mod checklist, it is time to install some mods. Make sure that you did your research about installing Minecraft mods. The installation process would be a lot smoother if you already know how to install minecraft mods.

If you do not know the basics of the installation process, we managed to do a guide on the things that you need to do. Make sure you read through for an easy and smooth install.

Installing Minecraft Mods On PC

The PC can do a lot of complex tasks. With this fact, there are numerous ways of installing Minecraft mods on your desktop or laptop. The best app for your Minecraft mod install is Forge. Forge will make your mods download process a lot easier.

The only thing that you should watch out with Forge is the unresolved bugs on their current software. You will encounter these bugs throughout the installation and even when you run your selected mods. But after that, everything will run smoothly, and downloading your favorite mods will be a lot easier.

The best mod source that you should run comes by the name “CurseForge.” This mod source has numerous enjoyable mods that you will surely enjoy. The best thing about CurseForge is that it is a very reliable mod source.

To finish your mod install, all you have to do is transfer the file to your Minecraft folder and run it. You will need to keep your Forge account on while you play for your mods will run properly.

Console Installation

You will not be able to download Minecraft mods on your gaming consoles. However, there are many addons you can choose from that can work like PC mods. These mods are free, and it is substantially lighter than the PC mods.

All you have to do is open the store option while you download Minecraft on your console. Select your favorite mods/addons and then check out. Everything works like a simple plug and play as your selected mods/addons will be ready to play.

Minecraft mods on consoles may be different from PC mods, but they are incredibly easy to use and play.

Installing Mods On Smartphones

Consoles and smartphones share a common similarity when it comes to Minecraft mods. You will not be able to download Minecraft mods that work like the PC variations. Instead, you will have to work with the same addons/mods like the consoles, but this time, the mods are a little smaller.

You can download Minecraft mods for your smartphone through third-party apps. Some useful third-party apps are Addons for Minecraft and Minecraft PE. There are a lot more mod apps, but these are our favorite for a hassle-free and smooth install.

You will be able to see instructions and guides on how you should go about the mod installation. After, you can now search for your favorite mods. All you have to do is click install and play Minecraft right away!


Mods in Minecraft are in no way created to cheat the game or make the game lighter. These mods serve as a way for gamers to play with their imagination a little bit more. You could also take mods as a different perspective to Minecraft.

There is no other recommended way to enjoy the game than with the use of fun mods that only fuel our imagination as Minecraft gamers! Install and check these mods out to elevate your Minecraft experience into new heights!