3 Underrated PDF Editing Tricks You Can Easily Do Online


Editing PDF online isn’t just a novelty for specific actions anymore; today, it’s as great as an option when compared with the standalone software. Of course, you can still do both, and its actually a wise decision to have a dedicated PDF reader and editor at hand. But with editing PDF online, there are many things you can do, and in this article, we’ve collated some of them:

You can convert PPT to PDF online

Underrated PDF Editing TricksAlthough many rely on converting PDF files to Word documents with browser-based applications like what PDF Bear has, not all are privy to the fact that you can also convert PPT to PDF with it. Powerpoint documents are usually dynamic, and to create a flattened version of the PPT, it needs to be edited first for overlapping information. After this happens, the file should be ready for conversion.

PDF, or portable document format, is the file format for printer-ready documents. That’s why if you want a traditional handout in conjunction with your PowerPoint presentation, converting the PPT file to PDF is going to be handy. This is perfect for students as well as office employees who want to impress.

With PDF Bear’s online browser-based application, you can easily transform a PPT file to PDF. You just have to upload the file, wait for the process to finish, and in less than five minutes, you’ll have a perfect PDF file copy of the same PowerPoint presentation you’ll be discussing. It’s not only convenient, but the process is also fast, and you won’t even have to open any software for it!

You can repair PDFs with browser-based applications

Underrated PDF Editing TricksCorrupted and broken PDFs are sometimes an annoyance. You can ask for a resend from the original sender, of course, but when you’re pressed for time, taking the corrupted file to a browser-based application and repairing it is a sounder choice. You’ll be sure that the PDF comes out clean and without issue. Repairing PDFs commonly only ever makes the formatting of the original document more stable, it doesn’t really excavate missing elements like images and text.

Bear in mind though that when repairing PDFs online, you should always mind its file size. With most web applications, the maximum upload size limit is 50MB, so when you’re repairing an eBook or something of the sort, you’re better off with a standalone software. Although, it is also possible that getting a pro subscription on online repositories will yield a larger upload limit size.

Encrypting PDF is easier online

Underrated PDF Editing TricksThere was a time that encrypting PDF is only exclusive to powerful PDF-centric software. If you have a document on hand that needs to be protected and encrypted, you can now do the process online! Yep, you read that right – encrypting PDF files can be done over a browser and an average Internet connection!

So you may ask, what type of files needs to be encrypted? The quick answer to that is anything that has personal information to it. Think financial documents, medical information, and confidential data. This information may range from bank account numbers, names and addresses, and even IP addresses. Sometimes, even just a personal message within the file constitutes a warrant for encryption.

While most PDF sharing online doesn’t need encryption, there is an odd document that needs password-protection every now. If you happen to come across this type of documents, it’s always safer to encrypt them, especially when you’re in doubt about what to do. This way, only the intended person who’s supposed to see it will have the access.


PDF editing online should only be a part of the greater picture of any administrative work. With more and more people getting steady access to the Internet, it’s only fitting that more people are now discovering the benefits of doing everything online. With these online PDF editing tricks, you can now easily do any PDF edit, whether it’s converting or repairing!