PDFBear Online Tools To Try


Sometimes, most of us don’t know that we can split pages of a PDF documents separately. Some people also don’t know that we can reduce a document’s file size. 

In case you didn’t know, PDF documents take up a lot of space from our storage, and it can be challenging to distribute them through email since the document’s file size is too large to send. Another thing that people would want to do is merge documents so that they don’t have to switch to another from time to time. We also might need to put passwords on our documents, especially when they are private and personal. 

There are many PDF tools to choose from, but if you’re looking for the most reliable all-in-one online PDF tool, you might want to check out PDFBear.

Splitting PDF Files

PDFBear To split your PDF pages, you will need to go to PDFBear’s website and look for the split PDF tool. Instructions on how to split pdf pages online for free will appear for you to have a guide. 

First things first, choose or drag your desired file into the blue rectangular box on the screen, then select the pages you want to split. After selecting all the pages, you need to click those pages to refine them. Once you finish, export it as an individual PDF, and then you can already save your new PDF file to your computer or device.

Compressing PDF Files

PDFBear To reduce the file size of your PDF document without making much change on the resolution of the graphics of the PDF, then you need the tool for compressing PDF Files. You can find this tool on the home page of PDFBear. 

With the compress PDF tool, instructions will also appear on your screen. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned, and you’ll complete the process in no time. PDFBear will give options where you can choose your compression level.

Extract Pages

PDFBear Another tool that PDFBear offers is the Extract Pages. It means it will clip the pages you want into a separate PDF file. Below the blue rectangular box where you can select or drag your PDF file, there is an option where you can choose to extract all pages or only selected pages. 

Under these tools, you can also see the steps to follow so you can have a guide in extracting your PDF file to a new one.

PDFBear’s extracting tool can get your PDF pages removed quickly and safely.

Merge PDF

PDFBear With PDFBear’s merge PDF tool, you can combine and organize the orders of your PDF document in any way you like.

Unlike the compress PDF tool, merge PDF tool only combines two or more PDF files into one.

It doesn’t reduce its size with the merge tool. However, you can go to the compress tool after merging your PDF.


Protect PDF

PDFBear If you want to keep your PDF document private and become inaccessible to people with no permission, you will need to use a Protect PDF tool to do this. It will add a password so that it can encrypt your PDF documents and keep it secured. 

Below the tool you select your files to protect, there is a set of text boxes where you will input and repeat your password. Putting a password on your personal or private document is essential so that an unauthorized person can not access it.


Online PDF converter tools and software make tasks, projects, and everything else more comfortable and accessible. If you want to make or add some changes to your PDF, then PDFBear will give you the services you need.