Splitting And Merging PDF Files: Online Tools, Softwares, And Applications


When you say you are going to split your PDF pages, you will be extracting and collecting the selected pages and putting them together to make a new PDF file. Sometimes you do this if your file is too large and can’t be sent through email, or you want to get the essential information from the original document.

Merging is the exact opposite of splitting since it combines two or more PDF files into one. This tool is also called the PDF Combiner tool. When you combine two or more documents, it will be a brand new file that you can access two or more documents in one.

Many websites offer both of these tools, both paid or free versions, but some aren’t safe and accessible. The following are the most common and trusted websites where you can use both of these tools:

PDF Bear

Splitting And Merging PDF Files:One of the most used websites where you can have your pdf split and merge is PDF Bear. The thing that makes this website accessible and easy is that they provide the instructions or guide on the page. The steps are easy to follow, and anyone can do it with no sweat.

In the instructions in using the PDF splitting tool, users are asked to select their desired file into the box on the website and then select the pages you want to separate to a new PDF file. After doing that, you can click refine the pages and then export it as an individual PDF file. Lastly, you can proceed with downloading your file.

For the merging tool, you can select all the documents you want to merge, and then the PDF combiner tool will automatically combine all of the files that you have dropped. You are allowed to modify or alter anything on the new combined file, and if you finish, you can click on Combine or Merge.

After that, you will be allowed to download your new file. Besides the splitting and merging tool, PDF Bear has other useful tools, such as converting tools from a file format to a PDF file, vice versa, or two other file formats that aren’t PDF.


Splitting And Merging PDF Files:PDFSAM is a downloadable application where you can split, merge, and more for free.

The app makes sure that your privacy will be safe and will stay private.

They also offer paid versions where you can do so much more.




Splitting And Merging PDF Files:If you’re looking for a website or an application where you can use them online and offline, you might have found it. EasePDF offers essential services, such as editing, converting, and other tools.

It is recommended by several users who have tried it since it is free to use, and you do need an account for it. It comprises three splitting modes, two merging modes, and more.

You can also import and export using Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

PDF Reader – PDF Manager, Editor & Converter

Splitting And Merging PDF Files:For Android users, this PDF application is one of the most popular and most used apps since it allows you to do the things you can use in desktop or browser PDF tools.

You can get your tasks done with just your smartphone or tablet.



Foxit PhantomPDF

Splitting And Merging PDF Files:With this software, you can reorganize or manage your PDF files, merge and split them, and combine and merge PDF. It’s impressive because you can download this for free.

Foxit also offers other paid services for more features.



The good thing about most PDF Editor software and online tools is that they offer both free and paid versions. It’s useful since it will let the clients experience a bit of the editor and convince them to purchase a subscription.

Without all these online tools and software, it would be difficult for us to complete our tasks and projects. People should know more about it to take advantage of what the internet has to offer for us.