5 Ways to Promote your Marketing Flyer on Social Media


Today, social media is the main source that businesses market their products and services. From free social sharing sites, like Mix, to internet pinboards where you can post and share your favorite designs, like Pinterest, social media is the leading marketing tool available. Graphic designers who create flyers to promote businesses, events or products no longer have to print it on hard materials. Instead, entrepreneurs can simply promote the flyer online via various social media outlets. Learn the ways to market your flyer and company without ever having to leave your computer. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways that will help you to promote your marketing flyer. Read on!



When it comes to social media sites for business, you can’t beat Facebook. Still the most popular social networking site out there today, Facebook is becoming more and savvy for small businesses, not just personal users. By posting at opportune times – such as when people arrive at work, during lunch hour and right before the workday winds down – you can reach a large number of your fan base. Posting images of your flyer at these times ensures maximum exposure. You can also run ads with your flyer as the main image.


Instagram is extremely helpful to businesses that realize they have to interact with users in order to gain followers. By posting your flyer at specific times of the day, especially in the evening, Instagram users will see your flyer and, hopefully, engage in conversation with you. Aside from posting, use hashtags for keywords and send the flyer directly to people who you feel would be interested in the information. The good thing is that more post likes can help to get more eyes on your flyer. In this case, buy Instagram likes to increase your visibility.


While LinkedIn has a posting option, it’s not nearly as effective as getting involved in the forums and discussions. Seek out current discussions on topics related to your business and flyer information. Include a link to your flyer in each comment. You can also use the ‘Search’ tool to find professionals closely related to your business, letting you target them directly.


Since flyers can be saved as JPEG images, you should save them in this format and then upload them to Pinterest. By adding keywords in the photo description and getting active on Pinterest yourself, you could attract a lot of people to your flyer. Also, on your Pinterest business page, add related photos and put the link to the flyer in the description section.


E-mail marketing campaigns are still high on the list of effective marketing tools for businesses. As long as you’ve been building and maintaining a mailing list, you can send out your flyer as soon ask it’s made. Don’t forget about timing, though – the best time to send out a newsletter or flyer to your mailing list is early on Tuesday mornings. Wednesdays and Thursdays are good days of the week, too, but avoid Mondays, Fridays and weekends.