Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices


Manufacturers have added additional utility apps on every android phone to make it more useful. The email client on android comes with their version of email client. They add their own custom features From one manufacturer to another.

However, no default can perform better than 3rd party email client because they are reliable and we cannot use them for more than once. They are simply not reliable so we end up seeking hel;p from 3rd party apps, which does a great job when delivering speed, quick and easy.

Mostly we check our email and reply them immediately frequently on our iOS and android smartphone. This is kind of difficult on default or preloaded email client installed on our smartphones.

To make your email experience better, we have tested more than 40 email clients to short list Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices. We will go though all of those apps and we will explain how it works out for you.

Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices

Why wait now? Let’s jump on to our short listed of Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices. I think it would be convenient if we take a quick at the list.

Quick Peek At 10 E-Mail Client Apps:

Here are the Top 10 E-mail client apps.

  • Cloud Magic E-Mail Client App.
  • Mailbox – Email App.
  • Thunderbird E-Mail Client App.
  • MyMail–Free Email Application.
  • Email TypeApp – Best Mail App.
  • Blue Mail – Email Mailbox.
  • MailDroid – Free Email App.
  • Email Exchange + by Mailwise.
  • K-9 Mail E-Mail Client App.
  • Email mail box fast mail.

How about a quick peek at the top 10 list was, are you convinced to try them out? Want to know more about how they can be useful to you and your business? Then let’s continue.

Top 10 E-Mail Client Android Apps:

Cloud Magic E-Mail Client App:

CloudMagic is famous for it’s wide range of email support. Almost every network is supported by CloudMagic like Yahoo mail, Google mail, Hotmail, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud, Apple Mail and the list keep goes. Cloudmagic has very intelligent search bar which lets you search for any email within seconds.

What makes an email client more useful when it is easy to operate? It shouldn’t be much complicated when we search email, reply emails, forward emails, files and documents, move files to folders and more, Cloud magic has it.

Not only that, cloud magic has their own chrome extension to give you quick access even when you are on PC. Cloud magic supports wide range of OS like Android, iOS and Chrome OS.

Mailbox – Email App:

Dropbox itself is a cool creation, now they have contributed more to the world to make future brighter using latest technology. Dropbox Inc has released Mailbox email app for android and iOS smartphones to enhance email experience better. Personally they have done a fabulous job. It has a smart user interface with elusive Inbox. In case if you are annoyed with a specific email you can simply mute them as long you want.

What Mailbox does is, it sync with your emails and present them in a cool but neat design using their app (Mailbox). As of now the app supports only android and iOS, dropbox has reported that they are working on to release on other platforms.

Thunderbird E-Mail Client App:

There is one similarity in Thunderbird and mailbox is that both email clients were created to innovate and help users. This mozilla is behind the Thunderbird existence. The brand mozilla itself encouraged the Thunderbird android app is innovated users with the unique features the app is offering.

You can drag and drop the names of your client, business or friend from the address bar. User interface is quite easy to under once you start using it for couple of days you get the hang of it. The app has improved in compose message area to make your messaging more comfortable.

Currently the Thunderbird supports android and iOS, also there is a rumor going on that Mozilla is going to ditch Thunderbird to redirect the developer team to focus on Mozilla browser.

MyMail–Free Email Application:

myMail is the second-best designed app on this list. I love its red and black color scheme, simplified interface, and beautiful glyphs. Indeed, this app put design front and center with photo avatars for your email contacts so you can see who is sending you an email with just a glance. I also love how picture attachments appear as thumbnails across the top of an email–not tapping and image to see what it is. myMail supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail,, GMX and most IMAP and POP3 email accounts.

MyMail is one of most famous for its syncing number of popular emails like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, iCloud, GMX, AOL and more. MyMail has took specific care of the app user interface, MyMail is obsessed with how the email should open and its all about features with appearance. Most attractive android app design on the list.

MyMail is not only popular for its attractive design, it has a feature, when ever you receive a message the avatar of the sender appear in large thumbnail and you can recognizer who has sent you the email on notification bar itself.

Mymail supports multiple platforms including android and iOS. Apart from that MyMail is quick and easy to use.

Email TypeApp – Best Mail App:

TypeApp is popular for managing all email accounts at one place to make it easier for business men to handle all email at one place, it is a good idea for small to big time players. You can freely add multiple accounts to TypeApp in just single tap. You can add Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, iCloud, Hot mail, Outlook and even more as long as it supports IMAP, Exchange & POP3 and it instantly adds email accounts. Moving to the user interface the design is beautiful and easy to take control.

TypeApp is available for both popular platforms android and iOS. TyepApp is perfect replacement for pre-loaded email client.

Blue Mail – Email Mailbox:

What more do you want from an email client if it can deliver service like POP3, IMAP, Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, AOL and Yahoo mail. have i missed any email provider to mention? Sorry i cannot remember any but do not worry Blue Mail can play around any email provider, so be worry free.

I have been using Google mail for a while and i would like to taste similar email user interface experience without using Google account then generally this is right choice to go with.

Blue Mail has the ability to help you take control over it. It offers various range of features to assist you to get your work done in matter of seconds from replying your email, moving files to folder or adding files to folder, configure, ad a new email account and more, everything at your finger tips.

As far as i know, Email system will be in play for a while, so blue mail is something you should try out. The developers are making a great effort to removing bugs and adding valuable features to it from time to time. Currently Blue Mail supports iOS and android along with other platforms.

MailDroid – Free Email App:

MailDriod hit the android and iOS market with one and only objective to reach that is to serve the business players and individuals to help them work more comfortably and have smooth experience. Yes, they have indeed delivered what they promised.

Though it does not support many features, still MailDriod is standing tall. MailDriod only supports major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and AOl. It doesn’t support email providers who are pretty much in shadow.

EmailDroid can sync with Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, FastMail, Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft exchange and more. EmailDriod is recommended for businessmen. Moving to which device it supports is only android. That’s kind of disappointing but the developers have spread the word that they are working on iOS version as well.

Email Exchange + by Mailwise:

The Email exchange android app is proud that the app has been featured on forbes and many other high authority websites and why not? Lets find out why Email Exchange app is popular is because it supports several similar features which can only be found in major email clients apps.

Email Exchange has the ability to add multiple accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, ActiveSync and more within just minutes. The user interface takes around 4 to 5 days to learn how things work on Email exchange and how to operate the features. In the mean time you can check the VIP version because it has some unique features “Hey the word VIP speak itself”.

Android users are kind of lucky because you are not in un-supported platform.

K-9 Mail E-Mail Client App:

Now a day’s user are demanding that appearance is more important than productivity and features. Several big players end up focusing more on design than adding features (I’m not blaming them, users are their customers after all). K-9 is recommended for those who mean business and get the work done. Who does not care about how the design looks like (Apparently the app makes you feel like you are in 80’s, which might disinterest those who are use to fluid design).

if you are looking for Email client, which has more cool features like save files and large documents to your sd card without any limit. It can add multiple accounts in just a single tap.

You can email accounts such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Microsoft exchange and more.

Email Mail Box Fast Mail:

Email Mail Box Fast Mail is a popular email client which supports all email provides such as Gmail, Office365, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail, Yandex, Hushmail, Rambler, Zoho, QIP and accounts with IMAP & POP3 integrated. The coolest about this email client is that it can detect server automatically.

You can login to any email id after adding it to the Email client of course. The email client Email Mail Box Fast Mail looks more like outlook and feel. Your add lot fo email and customize the accordingly. The push notification when new email arrival makes it easier for you to reply it sooner.

User interface has always been top priority for applications ever since they have hit the market. UI of Email Mail Box Fast Mail is average. Considering the number of features it has it does have some unique features to make your work go much smoother. Isn’t that what we want from an email client app? The application is capable of syncing stock calendar events, dates, your upcoming programs. Email Mail Box Fast Mail can sync with third party calendar apps including birthdays to remind you so that you won’t miss a buddy birthday.

Currently the Email Mail Box Fast Mail supports iOS and android and the android version requirement is 2.3 or higher, you can even use install on your old android smartphone.


We are now at the end of the Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices that doesn’t mean that email clients are ending anytime soon. So keep your heads up and select one of the email clients for your small time or big time business.

Even if you are an individual, some of you may be maintaining more than just one email account. I know it is difficult to handle multiple accounts at the same time.

We have prepared a short list which can help you choose one good email client to sort out your issue. Almost every email client on the list supports more than just one email provider from popular Gmail to email clients they are best but they pretty much in shadows because of big players like Google constantly promoting their products on play store.

Despite of awesome promotion carried out bu bigger players, some of them have done extra ordinary features which fueled the email client apps to come to lime light. We have also help them to reach their users even closer. I have done my research, you think i have missed any email client? If yes, then what are you waiting for.