The Hottest Mobile Applications for Decorating the Home You Want


Purchasing a new home or moving to a new place is very exciting. The fun starts when you find listings in Oakville or other locations and browse through plenty of units to choose from. It’s just like online shopping except in the real estate market. 

Once you find your dream home, the next exciting step is to decorate your new nest. 

The task could take time, money, and a whole lot of effort. One of the things that are difficult about decorating a new place is deciding whether or not a certain piece fits, especially if you have old items that you need to work with. If you’re working with a theme, you also need to think about how to make everything work.  

Modern technology helps address this dilemma. Designing your new home is more convenient, even without having to consult a professional interior designer! 

This is made possible through applications that are available on your phone. Here are the top apps for home decorating that you can get on your phone. Check them out. 

Homestyler Interior Design

Hiring an interior designer can be expensive. Avoid the added expense by using this app that tells you everything you need to know about decorating your home interior. Select wall colors and the furniture that fit your home best. Check out advice on what you can do to make a design look better. 

What else can you do with this app?

  • Create Your Home Project
  • Get New Home Design Ideas
  • Search and View Products for Your Home
  • Find home decorating experts and enthusiasts like you

Home Design 3D Gold

Home Design 3D Gold allows you to remodel an entire house and apply it for your own. Since it gives you the accurate architectural points, you are able to do even more changes that you see fit. The app even suggests ideas you can do to make your house more attractive. 

Available on the App Store, this app lets you:

  • Design your floorplan
  • Furnish and decorate
  • Visualize and visit your creation
  • Import, export, and/or share plans and projects


Beginners will benefit from this app since it is easy to use and allows users to view different designs by browsing through the files of various set-ups. Whether for a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, you will find a design suitable for your taste. 

The Houzz free app helps you: 

  • Get the best home design ideas
  • Find, view and shop for products you want for your home
  • Find the best home professionals to hire and/or collaborate with
  • Get advice on any home project
  • Read articles written by design professionals and Houzz editorial staff


Wayfair is a convenient app to have if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to shop for furniture at a bricks-and-mortar store. 

The mobile app allows you to take a photograph of the room you want to decorate or redecorate and then provide you with options to choose from based on your current style. Then, you can select which items to purchase. The app also allows you to search for products without having to take a picture of a room.

Some of the app’s core features are: 

  • Augmented Reality (AR) so you can see life-sized versions of products
  • App-optimized checkout for seamless shopping
  • Save and share favorite decor items and furniture pieces
  • Wedding registry you can build
  • Limited-time sales


Looking for design inspiration? Pinterest is the app for you. The application shows you almost any idea you can do to design your home. You can even create your own collection of designs that you can share with others. 

With Pinterest, you can find your favorite designers and follow their posts to gain new insights on home decor and design. The app also has something called Product Pins where you can view if the item you like is in stock in a particular store. 

IKEA Place

This free application allows you to view any item from the IKEA store, which is famous for its range stock of do-it-yourself furniture pieces. 

Just download the app, select the item of choice, and hold up the camera to the location you want the piece to be in. Click “try in your place” and the furniture piece will appear as if in the room. You can even move it around to see where you can look at it better. 

When finished, select the “check mark” button to drop everything in place to see the final product. 

ColorSnap Visualizer

One of the most important parts of any home decorating is the wall color. It can make or break the room, set the mood, and even make a room look more spacious. 

The ColorSnap Visualizer allows you to select a wall color or paint scheme for any room in your home and see how it looks. If not satisfied with the results, you can simply change the color from a wide selection of paint options. 

The app’s Paint a Scene feature uses a photo or augmented reality to show you what a room will look like when a specific paint is used. 


Forget having to lug around a tape measure while shopping for new furniture pieces. You can have accurate measurements right on your phone. 

Available for iPhone user, this Measure app allows users to calibrate any surface or item and then shows you measurements right there and then. 

The mobile app:

  • Automatically measure objects with a rectangular shape
  • Draw lines and estimate length in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.
  • Share measurements via messaging services

Shopping for new furniture has never been more convenient. 


As the name of the app suggests, if there is a color emergency, this one is right for you. Color911 provides you with different color palettes to match your style and taste. 

You can also take a photo of any object in the room you are designing and the app will show you a selection of colors that complement it. 

So, no need to worry if your throw pillows match your walls. Just consult the app and you are all set. 

Getting your new home ready is now so much easier! With these handy mobile apps, you never have to worry about designing or decorating your home ever. 

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