Tired of CSGO cases? Try out Esports Case on DrakeMall!


Many people love to play games. Most likely it’s a CS:GO, DOTA, PUBG or Fortnite. The industry of sports games has become very popular lately. Millions of players around the world play various sports disciplines and online games. Naturally, in order to experience all the beauty and performance of the game, a productive system is needed. DrakeMall is an innovative service that offers the most interesting and exciting form of purchasing goods.
There is no need to pay the entire amount of the trade purchase; instead, users have a chance to win a valuable prize by paying the minimum amount of money. This is a very interesting and spontaneous format of the game. Many people choose this service due to active emotions and unforgettable impressions. You can get cheap Samsung 144Hz Monitor, AMD Ryzen 2700X, Nvidia RTX 2080ti or even Gaming PC.

DrakeMall overview

Computers and gaming laptops are quite expensive toys that are not available to everyone. But what if such an expensive thing can be obtained almost for nothing?Drake Mall is an innovative site that is different from regular online stores. Classic platforms offer a standard sale procedure which is no different from a regular shopping trip. The esports box on DrakeMall hides a lot of advantages. DrakeMall is a completely different algorithm for buying things. Here everything is decided by the blind lot.

The site has special cases which contains a certain set of possible things. Among the number of standard things there are the most expensive such as gaming laptops. You can win the gaming laptop for a couple of dollars. Buy a special gift card; you can get a chance to open the case with a valuable prize. If the situation is in your favor, you can become the owner of an expensive item. This is a real holiday if you are lucky enough to get an expensive gift in this service.

Profitable mystery box

Mysterious boxes are the most interesting and exciting shopping format. No one can foresee what kind of thing will be inside. There is a certain set of things that can appear in a specific box. Dropout one of them meets the random number controller. This is independent software that cannot be configured by the site itself.

Account replenishment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller cards. Gift cards can be purchased at Kinguin or Gamivo. Choose the required amount of the card and purchase it. You will receive a 12-digit code that can be used on the site.

It guarantees honesty pranks for every user. Due to this format of the game, all users are on equal terms having a chance to win the main prize. You even can win the Predator laptop.

Legit chance to get the prize

The company honestly pays all cash prizes and sends parcels to the specified addresses. A lot of positive comments indicate that the service consistently sends parcels and does not delay more than one shipment. Just a simple PayPal account will get you the opportunity to buy a gift card. If you win the prize you can order the delivery. The service works absolutely legally and provides all clients with chances of winning.

The company works in compliance with the law, which guarantees each user reliable performance and stable winnings. It is very important how many people have a number of doubts about the options for winnings. Do not worry. Absolutely all parcels are honestly sent to the company at the specified addresses. All customers can count on fast and quality delivery.