Pokemon Go Download, Fix Security issues


Pokemon Go, this is one of the hottest topic in Android world now, here we are providing you with all the details of Pokemon GO, how to play , hoax, Pokemon Go security issues and Pokemon Go Plus details.

What is Pokemon Go?

It would be silly to ask what is Pokemon Go, but still there are some people, they might don’t know and just heard of it in Social Media or latest trending news.

Pokemon Go is a GPS based Free to play augmented reality based Smartphone game developed by Niantic Developers and distributed by Pokemon Company. This game is available for both Android and IOS users. This game is not available in most of the countries, to know whether it is available in your country or not, just check your Play store for it. If you are able to find it, then you are the luckiest one, you are going to play really a awesome game soon.

Pokemon Go Development

Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic developers, this project started as part of April’s fools day in 2013 with collaboration of Google maps and then it led to the development of this master piece. It was developed on Unity game development engine for both Android platform and IOS platforms. This game is a Augmented reality game, where in you will be having your own world and all the things would be happening there. This game was first announced to release in Australia and New Zealand on April 7 and then United states signed up for testing it on May 16 2016.

Now, presently this game is available only in United States, Australia and New Zealand countries. Due to heavy load on server, this game is paused to release in other countries. Officials announced that as soon as the problem is solved they will be releasing the Game in all other countries.

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Pokemon Go Craze

This game was released on July 6th 2016 and it is calculated that, only in a span of 5 days it crossed the 7.5 million downloads only in United states. Just after 24 hours of the release, it has became the “Top Grosser ” of the weak. Nintendo has gained $7.5 billion in just 2 days and it is estimated that more than 5% of the android devices in USA owns this game.

How to play Pokemon GO?

You need to download the game from the play store for free of cost, although there are some in app purchases. After logging in to the app, you have to create your avatar, according to your preferences. As said it is a virtual reality game, you have to move around your surroundings to spot Pokemons. This game works same as the Pokemon TV cartoon show. AR mode uses your Camera and gyroscope to display the pokemons as if in the real world. You can take pictures using the in game camera option.

Here starts the game, to capture a Pokemon, as of cartoon, you need not fight with Pokemon, you need to just throw the pokeball at right time with a perfect pace. You will be given two types of in game currencies 1. Candies and 2. Stardust. You need to earn these candies to increase the Combat power your pokemon. You need to earn experience in order to increase the level and at level 5 you can battle in a Pokemon Gym and you can also join one of three groups. You can lower the prestige of the Gym by challenging them and you need bring to zero prestige of that gym and game continues.

Pokemon Go hoax and Security issues

Pokemon Go players reputedly claimed for no Pokestops and distraction during the play. It is hoaxed that this app can steal all your Google data, but for a moment it was all right. However there is a way through which we can stop this issue. You need to make some changes in the settings and that’s it all done.

Steps to stop Pokemon Go from accessing your Gmail account

  1. To do that open up your Gmail account and go to Google account Permission options and then look for Pokemon Go there.
  2. Select the Pokemon Go Release and then click on Remove, to stop full access by Pokemon Go.
  3. Now restart the game and make sure it runs perfectly.

That’s it now you can enjoy the new Pokemon Go game without any security threats on your Smartphone.

Download Pokemon Go

If you are not in the country where this game has been released, but you can’t wait to play the game. Here is the solution, you can download this Pokemon Go apk file and install it on your Android Smartphone to play it right Now.

Click on the below link to download the apk File



This game has started a new era in Smartphone gaming, and many are excited what would be the next technology. However, within release of 6 days Pokemon Go has very much impact on the Smartphone Gaming. Stay Tuned for more interesting posts. Please do like and Share, and feel free to comment for any suggestion and queries.