ShowBox App 2018 Review : Use Showbox online to watch movies and tv shows


well in our last article, we wrote about the best app which helps its users to watch any of their favourite movies, reality shows,or stream music online without any issues on almost any android and IOS devices. So today in this article I will be sharing a detailed review of ShowBox online app and also tell you it’s best features which make this app so cool among ,So without wasting any time further let’s jump into the topic straight away.

About ShowBox App 

Before starting the review,first, let’s discuss ShowBox app so that those who don’t know about this amazing can get a clear idea that how this app works. Showbox is an app built for android and IOS devices which allow its users to watch unlimited movies or other shows which they would like to watch on their smartphones. ShowBox has a huge amount of stuff filled with awesome content like viral shows and top movies. Nowadays Showbox is trending on IOS media. As it is one of most the famous app which runs pretty well without any major issues

showbox app

ShowBox Review

There is no doubt that ShowBox is the best app to stream almost all shows and movies in high definition,Easily one can download Showbox app and start watching best collections of shows and movies for free. Good thing about this app is you don’t need to grow through sign up process,One can simply install the app and start watching movies with just one tap

You may get a doubt that whether it has any limitations of watching shows, or has to select any plan to use this app. But don’t worry you need to pay a single penny also for watching great movies and shows. You can watch as much as you want without any restrictions and issues

Performance Review Of ShowBox

Developers of ShowBox app made some great coding in order to make this app super cool to stream movies online. However there are some issues which result in crashing of the app,but I strongly hope that in the next update developers will fix it . Almost any android device can run this app smoothly

Pros Of ShowBox App

  • You can also download shows on your device and save them,so that you can enjoy those videos when you go offline, This is the major reason why we listed this app in top position in our previous article,
  • Once you install the app on your device,you will get access to enormous amount of movies collection,shows and all other TV related stuff
  • All the content available on ShowBox to watch is free,you need to pay anything to have some great entertainment by watching your favorite shows
  • You can watch almost everything in high definition without any major frame drops if you have a good internet connection
  • Chromecast support is simply awesome and amazing the ShowBox app

Cons Of ShowBox App

  • IF you have a device which has low processor then you might face lags while using the app
  • App may stop working suddenly if your device is running any background stuff
  • Needs Some optimisation in designing part to impress the users