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Top 10 Free Movie Apps For Android And IOS Devices

Nowadays everyone started using smartphones and day by day they are getting bigger and better. Now we have very much connected to our smartphones,seriously without them, we can’t stay,Right now the smartphone industry is ruled by android and ios os’s. So today our topic is about Best Free Movie Apps For Android as well for Ios, So without wasting any time further let’s jump into the topic straight away

Mobile phones are gone beyond their limits,now we call them as smartphones. We don’t only use phones to make calls, send messages. We’ve pushed our phones further in the entertainment sector, where it plays a significant role

Whenever we think of some entertainment or just to time pass, the first thing which strikes in our mind is movies, Movies is a great option for some entertainment in your free time. Day by day numerous movies are getting released all over the world, As well as the number of searches on search engines is also increasing day by day,so we thought to share our Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps here.

Top 10 Free Movie Apps For Android/IOS

To stream movies online you need a good internet connection as well an app which runs perfectly almost on any android and ios device,so here are the top 10 Best Free movie apps list, hope you will like it

  1. ShowBox : Showbox is one of the best of all for watching movies online,but sadly Showbox is not available for IOS users,only available for android devices, ShowBox Free Movie apps is very much popular in the market for streaming movies. You can easily watch movies,Reality shows anywhere and anytime. With ShowBox you can also watch your favorite TV serials without any issues. ShowBox app is very much friendly and comes with an easy to use interface. You can almost watch everything in high definition,and if your device supports and have a speed internet connection then you can also watch your desired shows in 1080p which is simply amazing.Go ahead and try this app

Free Movie Apps

2. Flipps HD : Sadly Flipps HD is also available for android only. Flipps Hd also does the job pretty impressively in streaming videos,You can watch any type of viral videos,movies or also listen to your favourite music with Flipps HD app. Apart from this you can also stream videos or music on your TV as well. Amazing thing is that you simultaneously stream all your desired stuff on android and as well as on TV. That’s the reason why Flipps HD at the second position in our list, this app is worth downloading.

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Download Link : click here to download for android

3. Cinema Box : The best thing about Cinema Box is that you can download movies also as well as stream them online without any lags or major buffering issues on your android device. You can watch all the latest movies available on the internet on Cinema Box in a decent resolution depending upon your internet connection. Sad thing is that this app is not available for IOS users, Only Android users could make use of it which is a disappointing thing but our list doesn’t end here. I’m sure that you won”t regret downloading this app when you check out its features.

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Download Link : Click here to download for IOs and Android from official site

4. ViewSter : Viewster is also one of the best websites available on the internet to stream movies online,Viewster is also available on the mobile platform as well. Navigation of this app is very simple and easy to use features.The best part is that Viewster is compatible with Chromecast by which you can watch movies on your TV as well in high definition. Sometimes app will freezes while streaming HD resolution,other than that I’d never faced any issues so far,So it won’t be wrong to say that ViewSter also deserves the title of best.i’m sure you won’t be disappointed after using this app to watch and stream your favourite shows and movies online. Give it a try guys,hope you will like it


Download Link : click here to download for android devices

5. Crackle Free Movie Apps: Crackle is an another app that helps you to watch movies online,and also your favourite TV serials. Provides easy to use interface and navigation. Like other apps crackle also supports streaming on other devices.Crackle is available for android devices  and for IOS devices as well. Crackle works excellent in IOS device which is a major point by which crackle became one of the best free movie apps in a short span of time. Although its free to download but you can’t download movies that you watch online but other than that there are no issues I’ve found so far. So describing crackle app as the best app for movies streaming shouldn’t be a problem,as it provides excellent features and runs absolutely perfect with almost every device

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Download Link : Click here to download for IOS device Click here to download for android

6. Tubi TV : Tubi TV is similar to its website for streaming videos,however, the developers have made some optimisations in its mobile version to make the app’s interface more smooth and easy to navigate. You can see the full description of movies which you wish to watch online and also provides works perfectly on most of the android devices. Moreover, Tubi TV is downloaded by more than 1 million users worldwide. Though you need an 4.04 android version device to run this device other than that there are no particular specifications need to run this app perfectly without any lags. The best part is that Tubi Tv is available for IOS devices as well as for Android

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Download Link : Click here to download for IOS devices Click here to download For Android

7. MegaBox HD : MegaBox HD is a one of the new free Movie apps released in the market. MegaBox Hd is quite similar to ShowBox and as for now MegaBox Hd is available only for android devices which is a minus point but there are many plus points of this app surely which you’ll gonna love. MegaBox Hd provides its users to stream movies online with 360p or 720p resolution. Surprisingly MegaBox size is just 1.8mb which is quite amazing and simply awesome. If you are someone who is looking an alternative for apps like ShowBox than this app could be perfect choice. Also MegaBox HD does not take many resources and runs pretty fine with almost all android devices. Hope soon the developers will MegaBox Hd for IOS devices as well


Download Link : Click here to download MegaBox Hd For Android Devices

8. SkyHD :One of best creation from the Sky HD team developers,Sky Hd is available for ios users and for android users which is a plus point of this app which made its way to our list. Sky Hd also supports chrome cast by which you can watch your favourite movies on TV which are available in the app,well you need a good internet connectivity to make your experience of streaming videos online smoother. Sky Hd provides playlists of best movies and other shows according to your choices. There are many other features which I want you to explore yourself. Don’t hesitate to download this app

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Download Link : No Official Links,But you can download it from local sites,click here

9. Yidio : As per my experience I can only say that Yidio is best all of other apps in terms of streaming movies online and watching other shows without any buffer issues. The reason why we listed this app on 9th position in our list is only because Yidio supports only for few devices as far now,but I hope developers will launch its global version soon which should probably all devices and work perfectly. However Yidio is avaialble for free to dowload for both IOS and Android Users. o give it a try and check whether your device is supported or not. So keep an eye on our website to know its release info. Yidio is very much easy to use due to its cool navigation system.Yidio also has an advanced search box by which you search for your favourite movies available

Download Link : Click here to download for IOS devices Click here to download for Android

10. Popcorn Flix : Popcorn Flix is an another excellent app by which you could watch movies online absolutely free. There are no restrictions in this app,you can watch as much as movies you want anywhere and anytime. Almost every genre movies available in popcorn flix to watch on your android. Sadly Popcorn flix is also launched for IOS but doesn’t seems to work well on IOS,let’s hope it will be improved with some good updates and optimisation soon. There are no hidden fees in this app,so don’t worry about charges. Popcorn Flix is totally free to use and watch. You can now enjoy your movies without any kind of problems or issues,works fine in high-end devices. Sometimes you might face lags or crashes if you have a low-end device but other than that everything is fine

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Download Link : Click here to download for IOs Devices Click here to download for android

So here our article ends,above we have provided the most popular apps by which you can stream movies online perfectly. These are the best and top rated apps of 2016 in terms of providing free movie streaming services,we hope you will like this article,you can show your interest and also if you have any doubts regarding this article then your totally welcome to drop a comment below,we will try our best to reply you with the best solution for your query