Free AppiShare App for iOS – How to Download and Install Appishare


IOS devices are dominating the smartphones industry all over the world, The main reason why people fall in the love with IOS rather than Android is that of its Security. There’s no doubt in saying that IOS is one of the most secure OS right now in the industry. But for those are looking or finding ways to install cracked apps on their IOS devices here is the perfect article for you. Today in this article I will be discussing the brilliant features of the AppiShare app and how to install it on your IOS device

AppiShare is the best alternative for apps like Vhsare and Hipstore. With an AppiShare app, you can install all the cracked apps on your IOS without any problems. In IOs you need jailbreak the os if you want to install cracked apps or to change the identity of your device. But after reading this article, you can install all the cracked apps on your ios device without jailbreaking it, ensuring your device is not compromised by jailbreaking Let’s get started

Appishare App

How To Install AppiShare On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:

These steps will 100% work only if you have iOS 9.3/9.3.2/9.3.1 or iOS 9.4 or iOS 9.2.1/10/9.2 Or 9 only, If you have any other version of IOs then we can’t help you!! Sorry!!

  • First of all, open your Safari browser and go to Appishare’s official website by clicking on this link

Appishare app

  • You won’t find any install options there in the website, So what you do is click on Add Option which is located in the header of the site and give it any name (You can give any name )
  • That’s all! Isn’t that quick ?? yeah it will take just 15-20 seconds to do it properly
  • Now if you want to install any apps then simply search the name of the app in the search box
  • You will get the results in rows, find your app in the search results and click on install
  • Bravo!! Now you have successfully installed the app on your IOS device without jailbreaking your device

Also, check out the amazing features of Appishare and I’m sure you will start loving AppiShare

Features Of AppiShare App:

There are a huge number of apps getting launched/released day by day in the app store and sometimes they aren’t that cheap, So people movie forward to jailbreak the os. An appishare app is one of the best apps which can avoid your Jailbreaking intention. Here are some amazing features which will forcibly make you download it

  • Provides support for all Jailbroken Cydia users
  • can provide debugging to all faulty apps
  • Provides all the latest updates regularly of the maximum apps which are available
  • Best Feature is that AppiShare works without Jailbreaking
  • Provides automatic backup for all the data apps available on the device
  • Available for free to download and use

AppiShare deserves the title of best and can be said as one of the best alternatives of HIpstore available in the market. Thanks for reading our article, hope you liked it, Let us know your issues or opinions regarding AppiShare app in the comment section below