Top Websites to Hire CSS Developers


Hello everybody! Today I will talk with you about CSS developers. Do you know what CSS is? In any case, our main topic of conversation is directly related to it. I’ll introduce you to websites where you can find qualified CSS developers, so let’s get started.

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What is CSS?

The acronym stands for “Cascading Style Sheets,” but everyone says CSS because it is so convenient and easier. This program was created to facilitate the process of creating a presentable and beautiful website and web page.

CSS works with the “face” of a web page. It controls all the technical functions regarding the appearance of the web page – color change, font style, spacing and text size, etc.

In addition, CSS is easy to study, so it will not be difficult, and knowledge of this program gives control over HTML documents. In general, CSS often works in a duet with other HTML or XHTML languages.

Advantages of CSS

  1. CSS is reusable, a developer creates a sheet and then can use it many times and in different projects, due to the fact that it saves a lot of time. In addition, a developer can define a style for each HTML element and use it for any number of pages.
  2. Fast page loading does not have to write HTML tag attributes all the time. To maximize speed, you can create a CSS tag rule and activate it for all tag occurrences. This significantly reduces the download time.
  3. Simple in the work. To change something globally, you just need to change the style to another and everything will be upgraded automatically without much effort.
  4. Large selection of styles. So CSS is really extremely rich in the choice of attributes as opposed to HTML.
  5. CSS supports the compatibility of several devices, it is possible to optimize the content for several types of devices. When using the same HTML document, different varieties of web sites are represented for portable devices.
  6. Modernity. Now CSS is ahead of HTML in terms of attribute trending (we’ve already talked about a large selection). It is also recommended that you apply CSS to all HTML pages to make them compatible with browsers.

Types of CSS

There are three types of CSS. The first of them is Internal CSS.

Internal or also called built-in CSS for its work asks you to enter the code tag <style> in the <head> section of the HTML document.

It is aimed at a one-page company website. Therefore, using internal CSS for multiple pages is not efficient, as it is time-consuming, because a developer needs to add CSS rules every time on all pages of the website. But the fact that a programmer can only work with one tag means that there is no need to download multiple files.

The next type is the External CSS. Its function is to link the web page to an external .css file, which can be built in any text editor that the programmer likes.

This CSS is best suited for developing large sites, because by changing one .css file, the developer can change everything at once, instead of playing with each page. In addition, CSS is housed in a separate document, so HTML files are smaller and more structured. And another plus is the multiple use of a single .css file.

And the last type is Inline CSS. It works with the selected HTML element. To start working with this software style, you only need to add the style attribute to each HTML tag, avoiding selectors.

Probably this type of CSS is the least universal because you need to work in detail with the code tag HTML. It can be difficult to manage a created site (even without experience).

But it saves developers in unforeseen situations when it is impossible to access CSS files or there is a need to edit a single element.

Websites to hire a CSS developer

  1. Toptal is a company with the most talented team of employees. They have an extremely strict selection of CSS developers, less than 5% of all applications they accept for work, and those who manage to join their team are definitely geniuses. Only after a rigorous interview and a detailed study of the candidate’s level of knowledge these programmers get a chance to become the part of the wonderful Toptal community.

Here you will definitely find your ideal CSS developer, who will create your interface for the site with the smallest details, taking into account all the wishes. Toptal has extensive experience working with many programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, PHP, Magento, HTML 5.

  1. GitHub Jobs. Here you will very quickly find the specialist you need. This community is the first in terms of the speed of finding developers. GitHub Jobs has the most job offers from self-employed thresholds and large and of course small companies.

GitHub Jobs is a wonderful option for finding a CSS developer. To start the search, add an ad describing the task for the CSS engineer and you will be surprised how quickly you will receive messages from programmers.

  1. Stack Overflow. You’ve heard of the Q-and-A software site at least once in your life. It combines a lot of programs, supporting beginners and advanced engineers, helping to solve complex problems, finding new platforms for work and their auxiliary tools.

However, chances you’ve never heard of Stack Overflow, which like GitHub has a personal task board. When looking for a CSS developer, you definitely need to place ads on Stack Overflow. There you will find the most diverse professionals in all fields.

  1. PowerToFly is one of the trendsetters in the world of web design. Through their work, they develop new talents in the fields of technology and web design. Here you will definitely find a qualified and talented CSS developer, given that CSS is a work with a sense of taste, such a creative destiny in the world of creating a web product, so who but trainers understand this?

The base here is about 12 million, but I guarantee you will find your man among them as soon as possible.

  1. Gigster cannot just find the right person but create a whole team to create all stages of your project. And how long do you think it will take? I assure you that even a team of CSS Gigster developers will be able to assemble in less than two days!

Gigster is a recruitment platform that is ideal for large budget corporations. Gigster will find you a project management worker who maximizes the productivity of your project.

  1. Upwork is found at every step because millions of people use its services. Upwork is known for bringing together freelancers from all walks of life, with different experiences and all possible countries. It’s easier to find a CSS developer here, you’ll get tired of sorting out candidates and remove job postings very quickly.
  1. Startupers are ideal for small companies with a small budget. Here you will find a CSS developer without wasting time and money and be able to focus on your project. However, if you have a large company then Startupers may not be relevant to you.
  1. Scalable Path is a grateful platform for finding employees, but they will make you wait for an answer for a long time (but with their experience you can wait), so calculate the deadlines in advance.

Scalable Path is good because it can find you a whole team, so you definitely won’t be left without programmers.

  1. Jobs is very attractive in its appearance. It is used by programmers working with different languages ​​such as AngularJS and JavaScript. Here you will find talented and full-time CSS developers without any doubt.
  1. At Dice you will find all possible technicians including CSS developers. Millions of users are registered on the site, so you keep a lot of proposals for your project in the minimum time. It’s a bit of an expensive service for about a few hundred dollars for one list of vacancies, but it will be covered later.
  1. CSS Tricks Jobs is a place where the name speaks for itself. A great option for finding CSS developers. In addition to finding programmers, CSS Tricks releases articles, videos, and other gadgets that help web developers work. So as a result they have their own base of qualified CSS professionals who are easily hired. They will be happy to improve and create your order.
  1. AngelList is known for having investors who are hungry to fund young companies. Therefore, this platform is very popular in the tech world, because financial support is often needed by small companies in the beginning.

In AngelList there is a bulletin board where you can place your order and one of the young companies will take it. Also here you will find incredibly talented CSS developers.

  1. Ms. Tech. On this platform, you will find employees who will impress anyone with their work. In addition, the company is aimed at supporting women, so if you are more comfortable as a woman to work in a women’s team, it will not be a problem and vice versa. Here are many people who were once underestimated, but if you try to work with one of them you will be left with a great result.
  1. Authentic Jobs is created for creative and intelligent people. It has been growing since it was created and is attracting more and more attention from everywhere. Since the CSS developer is quite a creative work, at Authentic Jobs you will definitely find someone who will make your dreams come true. The order board is always filled with various tasks and Authentic Jobs employees cope with each of them with dignity. No matter where you are from, your request will definitely be fulfilled!


So, in this article, we talked about CSS, what it is, and how it works. Nowadays, finding a CSS developer is easy enough. But remember that this must be a creative and at the same time technically savvy person. I’m sure that on the presented sites you will find exactly the CSS developer you need.