Top 5 Rooting Apps Android Apk


Android rooting has become a little old topic to about, unlike those old days when root was a cool trendy topic to talk about. That doesn’t mean that rooting an android doesn’t mean anything. An android smartphone cannot be complete with rooting your device and use it like more than just a regular smartphone.

Android rooting is essential if you want to add a custom firmware to your device, it is difficult to add custom files on official version running android device, while after root an android smartphone can do more than just any average smartphone. The true potential of an android smartphone shines upon it.

Right now, we are going to introduce to you Top 5 Rooting Apps Android Apk, all of them are hand picked from hundreds of apps available on android store. We have short listed few best android rooting apps for you , so that you can add custom firmware and rock your device like never before.

Risk of Rooting Your Android Smartphone:

We are talking about rooting an android smartphone before that i want the readers to be aware of the risk involved in this process. The risk must be taken in account and help you decide what’s best for you. We and our readers do not want to face any unnecessary damages.

There are few risk involved in rooting any android smartphone.

  • Rooting your android means that you are deleting official android version by your brand (Samsung, Sony and HTC), after this you won’t receive any updates from your brand.
  • The biggest problem of all is, you might brick your device (Device Brick stands for a device permanently stuck in shock mode and it cannot be repaired nor fixed with software).
  • Some custom rooting firmware have unknown and malicious files in it and those files are connected to some unknown servers to transfers data in your smartphone. (You might send your data to unknown people in China).
  • By rooting your device you are intentionally voiding your warranty.

Well i have pointed out some of several points to help you decide, if it is safe to proceed or not. Can’t think now ? then continue to read the post on android rooting then decide later.

Top 5 Rooting Apps Android Apk:

Here is the short listed Android rooting apps, they all are one-click-root apps.

1) Framaroot Apk

Framaroot is another useful app to root android phone and devices without a PC, it supports a wide range of devices and has proven to be able to root MTK devices.

Framaroot Apk stands on top of list becasue it has some awesome features like, you do not need a PC/Laptop to root your smartphone and  Framaroot Apk has rooted MTK devices in past.

Framaroot Apk can root any android device but the process is a little difficult to understand when compared to other one-click android device. However once you have learned how to does the Framaroot Apk works then you are good to go, after all the app doesn’t require PC.

Framaroot Apk has a different experience on devices having different specs, like i have mentioned before the Framaroot Apk it a little difficult tio understand and implement.

I will take you to a quick step-by-step procedure to give you a quick look at how it should be processed

  • First of all, you need the set up file.
  • Once you have download the set up file of Framaroot Apk, install it (The file should be inside of phone memory).
  • Have you installed it ? (If you are having a issue, then go to Settings> Applications > tick on known sources).
  • Fire up the application.
  • Now you have to select exploit option, choose your spec wisely.
  • Once you are done with SU binary that is the sign your android device is successfully rooted.
  • A reboot is enough to take your smartphone to a next level.

2) SuperSu APK

In order to gain access to rooting you smartphone you need SuperSu, which is available on google play store. SuperSu is the only app which has the feature to give root access to certain apps.

Most of the rooting apps are not available on Google play because all of the apps have to go thorough a test where the android team decides if the application respects the policy. This is only app which is available on Goolge play. Is there any catch? of course there is a catch in it.

How SuperSU works:

Supersu on play store doesn’t have any files to your device, first of all you have to root access the  app to use it. You need a application called TWRP installed on your smartphone. You can easily find the TWRP so google it. Now you have to download SUperSu which is available in .zip file format which requires a flash by usiing TWRP.

Now you need the .zip file to transfer it to you smartphone internal storage. You can do that either with usb cable to PC or you can even use your memory card to transfer the file to your smartphone internal storage.

This is part is not difficult if you have heard of it, if in case this is your first time then you need to reboot your device using recovery mode. You can find out easily using google search. For my HTC wildfire S, i have to hold power and volume down button until the recovery mode shows up.

3) kingoapp:

The most popular one-click-root android rooting app available. Kingoapp has won many developers trust by rooting the device safely in matter of minutes. The developers has made several adjustments and added new features to make rooting more safer than before.

Kingoapp has frequent updates where they add new exploits to make the newer gen smartphones make them rooted as well. The app requires an Internet connection to use it.

Rooting without any laptop or PC is difficult with kingoapp it is possible, there are few instructions you have to follow before you proceed:

  • First of all, you have to download the mobile version of app from official site.
  • You will find the PC version first (Find you manufacturer and download).
  • This action requires Internet connection.
  • once you have downloaded the .apk file.
  • Go to settings> applications > Allow unknown sources.
  • Install the app.
  • Look of the kingoapp icon from home screen and launch it.
  • Now tap on root the device (If your device is already rooted then it says rooted)

4) TowelRoot Apk:

Towelroot is another famous rooting app which has come to lime light after the features says it can root any device in just on click.

TowelRoot actually made it to the top after the app started to work out properly on many devices. The special part of he rooting ap is that it can root any device within few minutes,

Where  other device with different specifications take different rooting time. The android app is kind of quick at processing and root it within minutes, so you don’t have to go though all of the techy mess.

5) Z4Root Apk:

Z4Root Apk is also called versatile root without using a desktop or laptop. The One-click-root app has successfully rooted thousands of smartphone over the past few years. The android rooting app is very handy when you want to root any smartphone without PC.

Currently the Z4Root works on only selected models and manufacturers. Do not worry, Z4Root supports several manufacturers from HTC, sony, samsung, xiaomi, zenfone, nexus devices, android one devices, toshiba, acer, lenovo, micromax and more. So don’t have to worry about the device rooting.


So we have our top 5 short listed android rooting apps for your smart devices and take your smart device to a complete different level. We have also covered few reasons on what risk is involved when you choose this process.

I understand that every android rooting has made in way that it won’t damage your device what so ever, but that doesn’t mean that you can claim the warranty if you smart device meet any uncertainties. There is no brand out where who accepts  a rooted device and help you claim your warranty on the covered.

Things You Need Prepare Before Rooting:

Theres no need to p[panic, i’m just talking about how you can save your device from getting harmed or least by following these steps you can minimize the chances of damaging your smart device permanently. Let’s take you to hose steps.

  •  First thing is, charge your device to 90%, bellow 90% is not recommended (This is important, even though the rooting process takes only few minutes for several of these apps).
  • Make sure that you have a good and decent Internet connection (Internet connection is required for the process to work).
  • Back up your device data ike contacts, messages, media and documents on your PC using PC suite or so (The other options are move data to your SDcard and unmount the SDcard or you can simply copy the files to cloud storage).
  • Once you are done with charge, Internet and back up, you are ready.

Now that your are ready to break your own records.