Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android


Technology has become so echo friendly in which everyone would love to see themselves to be a part of it. And as per the mobile phones with everyone have something to offer with the new features which are unable every year. As per the analyses most of the users would love to be a part of Android which has become a viral around the countries.

We love listening to music and, how about Android is helping people to listen to the music as music as possible. They are many android applications are available to download and use it but how-ever there is a catch involved in it which makes the customer to think twice before the download any of that Evil applications in the terms of downloading in the file of 80-100 MB or else the paid services which are making the customer to get back before we choose any of the Android application.

Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

As per the analysis music applications are about more than 500 which are available in the app store but however some of them are the paid and  free but in the free applications they are only limited of music are available in the terms of categories and for unlimited music they are offering it for paid services. So customers fall in confusion to choose which is the right application to go for.

All the customers were in the interest to have an application to Bridge Is Falling all kind of music for free of cost and which is helping them to save the data on the daily basis.As you already know YouTube is one of the best applications available in the market to help you listen to your favourite music, But it is also taking your data memory in the form of Mega bytes as per the quality you choose.

The customers who have WiFi connectivity to their mobile phones they are able to use their favourite music played however, however they are some customers have to believe that this is not helping them if they are away from their home so how is this possible with this puzzle can  help you fix this issue listening listen to the music anyway you are. YouTube has recently provided an option where you can have a offline download which is available in YouTube app have a purse it’s not important that you have to listen to the same music which you have already downloaded in offline, but how is this possible where one can have the same music play every time. So today we are going to help you fix this issue by providing you one of the 10 best applications available in Android application to download which not only help you listen to the free music but also which will help you to select any music you wanted at any point of time even if you are at home or away from your home.

Applications what we have selected is not just listen to the music but this applications keep updating themselves to make sure they have all the collections of every category you want to hear.So what we are waiting for let’s see how this applications are going to help you listen to the music for free of cost without any a memory of consuming.

4Shared  Music :

This application is one of the best and recommended by most of the users and this application was one of the favourites in subjected to the services they been providing up to 15 GB of storage to help you to download and keep it ready to listen anytime, and the best part of this app is not just to download music ,it so also help you listen to the music anytime you want but unfortunately the users who are using Apple they will not be able to download as this is it not available anymore.

4 shared music application will always keep them self updating to make sure that you are able to listen to the music you want according to the categories.

YouTube and apart from this but there is the criteria is that you need to have your GPRS or the WiFi enabled the subways this won’t work for you till connectivity problems and then besides as per the analysis and the customers reduce there used to be a time this used to be a free of cost but now there is a possibility of paid services involved so make sure before you go for that before you go ahead and download this application please kindly check their requirements and specifications.

4Shared Music application has got more than 50000 downloads till today. Everyone has something to say about this particular application out of a which  most of them were very much happy using 4shared music application and the best part of this application to use is that the complete audio will be  on four to five types of variations to visit in  320 KBPS of audio quality and less than 250 KBPS,It depends which one you choose.

Free Mp3 Downloads:

This application will help you find the music what you want to listen and download in all type of music formats. The best part of this application is it have all type of categories available in the form of library. But unfortunately this application has now become normal legal however it is not that you cannot listen are you cannot download any of the music which can you turn to illegal.
You can download and listen to the available music which are completely copyrighted and it is a free to use on all formats. The best part of this application, it is completely into readability and with the highest quality available to enjoy but here there is a catch that you can only listen to the available music which is in categories,as they are unable to update on time. All the songs you listen to is completely safe and listen to it anytime.

Android users who are into this kind of search. This is the right time to grab this opportunity and download this immediately and enjoy the high quality music right today.

This application has all the categories of music including pop, electro, 100 chart busters and many more. As per the customers reviews most of them have positive information on application. This application is really helpful to them till date and they been using since last many days and they haven’t seen any kind of problems till date.

So this could be the one of your best searches what you been waiting for and you can go ahead download this within the 100 MB of memory from Google Android app store.

App store of Apple this application is unfortunately not available. So the users who are using Apple they may have a big disappointment to download this application now.

Music Maniac Pro:

Music Maniac Pro is designed in very easy process to make sure the customer having a great experience using Music Maniac Pro.
This application will only consume less than 15 MB of your memory device and we are sure this will not affect any of your mobile inside software. Music Maniac Pro user interface is designed in very interesting format which will help you find the right Music what you want.

And the Music Maniac Pro developers always keep their applications updated with all new music. So this is how we can understand how this is going to be helpful for you. Here the best part of Music Maniac pro is you can download your own music on your own quality you want to choose. This will help you to save your memory of your mobile device and this device is not going to consume much of your mobile Internet data how other applications react.

So what you are waiting for now you have to go ahead and download this application right away because till date from the day of this application came to live in Android till date it has a more than 50000 downloads and hundred million views.
Unfortunately for the mobile users who has Apple they will not be able to download this as it is not available in app store. But we are sure looking at the below comment if you request. I am sure they are going to change their mind and they will sure update themselves to be available at App Store for Apple as well. Lets see what is going to happen next.

Music Mp3 Download Free Copy Left:

Application is a developed the under common license, well this will help us to listen to the music hard you wanted. The best part of this application is that you not only can listen to the music but also you can save them off line.So listen to the music anytime you want.In this application they have provided with a more than 10 to 12 categories of you can choose from.
This application is a trying to update themselves to be available but the collection of Music may disappointment you due to not having your music that you want but don’t be worried much because they do have much more to assist you and this Android application has been in the downloads list of more than 50000 till date so do not worry about that will there be any malware or virus inserted, because there’s nothing as such been left in the comments from the viewers. So what you are waiting for why don’t you love this and give a try as we have seen many applications to choose but this is one of the most reviewed by person us.

Google Play Music:

Official Google has provided at Google play music applications, as we know that this is a paid application to listen to the music, however this is going to be one of the most recommended and paid applications of all time.

Google has been one of the trustworthy applications and search engine till date and there is something more to offer by the Google application of music that here we can also upload our own music and share it with your people so that they can come to know about your skills, however this is not is going to be applicable for the users who are looking for free download and free music listen to entertain them.
Unfortunately this application has restricted for some of the countries of India but did not a worry I am sure they are going to resolve this issue soon so let’s wait I am the users who are not restricted to download this they can enjoy this but make sure this is a paid services.

Super cloud Song Mp3 Downloader:

In order to listen to the music you need to have more than 2.2 android OS version so on addition to this you need to have any of the above applications listed this is one of the best applications to certify till date. As per the customers reviews and even we had an analysis we found this user interface so echo friendly  in order to find your favourite music. All you have to do is to write the artist name or album name that’s all you can find your favourite music available to use and this particular application is only available in Google Android application apart from that we are sorry that you may have a difficulty to find one except after a huge search you may find the option to find the pin dot APK.


This application is one of the most recommended by Google and by viewers. This application will help you download and upload your own files anytime up to the GB of more than 15 GB and this will help you store all the music but having some restrictions where you can only listen to the music and you can only upload your own music but there is no option to download or upload your external files into it.

So what you are waiting for download this application right now and you can upload your own files anytime from now and get all the new music available.

 Mp3 Music Downloader:

This is a one of the finest application created by the developer risk this interface is very easy and life the you can find your music just typing in the search button right away and this has one of the greatest categories available till date in compare to other Google applications and this application is only available for Android but it is not available for IOS applications and inorder to download this you need to have Internet access enable. This application will help you not only to download the music in all the qualities but also you can listen to the music online and hear the best part of this application is it is completely light which has less than 20mb of you are micro SD memory.

Music Download Paradise:

This application is not only providing music song or any of the categories but also it will help you find ringtones for your mobile phone and also it provides you some of the music effect to choose and hear the best part of this application is it is lite and the user interface is really good in compare to other applications.
Users who are checking this article for reading this article I think this is going to be one of the recommended application one should download into the Android mobiles.

Gtunes Music Downloader:

This application has a one of the best in memory of all time as this application has less than 1 memory to download in your mobile phone but unfortunately this isn’t available in iOS for Apple this will be only validated for the Android mobile phones this application will help you download and listen before you download so this is how this application will be helpful to listen to your favourite music before you download it.

As it has more than 50000 download where is no choice that one should have this application into your mobile phone at less memory. So what you are waiting for come download this application and become a part of music lovers.

Conclusion : 

These were our short listed Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android after ting several applications from the app store.

Each and every app have their own requirements. Above application will consume according to their designs so make sure that before you download any of the particular application you need to have the criteria ready,according to that you need to make sure that your device is compatible to use it going future they are some of the circumstances there are some people may not be able to download since is they have the criteria matching but need not to worry about, leave your valuable comments with us and we’ll make sure there will be a resolution found out to help you out with.

The above applications are available in the format of Android and IOS but need to verify before you download please kindly read the article carefully to make sure that is this application is available in all the format or not in case if its not need not to worry you will still find out APK file to help you out with.