Samsung Galaxy Note 7


After months of device leaks of specs, images and rumors, at last, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is launched at a price of $849. This is the first waterproof resistant device, which has now added to Note Samsung Galaxy collection. Now Galaxy note 7 is now out with some notable features adding more value to innovation they have been following.

Galaxy Note 7 Features:

Seems like Samsung is now repeating similar trend which Microsoft once did with their Windows version, I’m talking about skipping a version number. Windows has skipped 9 and Samsung have decided to skip Note 6.

The screen of the device is protected by gorilla glass, the screen size is 5.7 inches curved HD AMOLED screen. The device is pretty tough and durable after Samsung decided to place latest gorilla glass 5 on both front and back of the device.

To improve the security of the smartphone with a new innovation, Samsung has added Galaxy Note 7 Iris sensor which makes the device differentiate from the rest. Never the less the device helps you to improve security.


Samsung has offered two variants for the consumers to select, which one suits them the best. The variant various from processors.

Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal storage.
Exynos 8890 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal storage.
And you can increase the storage capacity using MicroSD card to 256 GB, space is enough to store movies, photos, apps, games and even more.


If you research on Samsung smartphones previous releases like Galaxy S7 then you can easily experience what kind of camera hardware is being used in Galaxy Note 7 but they have modified the camera in Note 7.

Note 7 has 12 MP camera and 1.7 sensors, which you have already experienced. Optical Image Stabilization is enabled with LED flashlight. This device is good for filming like slow motion videos. You can even record 4k quality motion video.

Moving to the front camera, the front camera has 5 MP shooter with f.1 along with dual call support.

If we dig a little deeper currently the smartphone is running latest android os “Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow”. There are other features are available like the stylus, TouchWiz, S-pen and more.

Samsung has added several features to the new Galaxy Note 7 to surprise the market and they have done a great job when security matters.


As I have mentioned at the first of the article that price is $849 when launched. Currently, Galaxy Note 7 is not available in the stores now. You can pre-order one of these gadgets only if you are US citizen. Everyone is super excited about the Galaxy Note 7 release, so the Samsung has decided to award those and there will be a giveaway of 256 GB memory card or Samsung Gear.


Galaxy Note 7 is finally launched by Samsung at an expensive price. It does have features which are worthy to own one Galaxy Note 7. I wouldn’t say that Galaxy Note 7 is the best smartphone when compared with another smartphone because there are several other aspects we have to look into like price, features, warranty and more.