Top 5 best apps in 2021


Hi everyone we have given the list of the mobile apps which are the most useful to the android user in their daily life of android users. The following applications are the common and free applications for android users.

  1. shazam
  2. Wps office
  3. Airbnb
  4. Hulu
  5. GBwhatsapp

1. Shazam

It is the most popular music identification app used by so many music identifies music instantly which is playing in our surroundings. All we need is we have to move near to the device. within few seconds app will detect the song and play it for you.

Along with this we can play songs, buy songs from Google play and add songs to our favorite Spotify music list and we can connect to our social accounts easily. This is the must-have mobile app for android those who love music


  1. Easily identifies the music
  2. Recommend the songs and lyrics of a song in youtube
  3. Compatible with apple music,spotify and google music.
  4. Standard music information like artist,album,label and release date.
  5. Huge music collection.
  1. WPS office:-

It is  an all in one android app that we will be compatible with MS Excel,PowerPoint,word and also integrates pdfs,memos and google docs etc.

This app has a free pdf reader and editor and converter along with the file sharing facility. This app also supports data encryption and file protection and multi window mode.  It also has a feature that is we can save the applications in the cloud platform. It is also a complete office app for android.


  1. Supports all types of documents formats.
  2. Easy to operate and open documents,
  3. Supports enable or disable protection for documents.
  4. We can  encrypt the document and protect it with this app.

3. GBWhats app:

It is one of the best and alternative for WhatsApp which is the most popular chatting app for android. Nowadays every android user is aware of this application.

GBwhatsApp is an updated version of whatsApp which offers the better feature compared to the regular whatsApp. The features like Custom themes,enabling or disabling the Do not disturb mode. Once we enable the Do not disturb then we cannot get any notification from the app. We can get the notifications once we disable the Do not disturb mode. For those who need to use the multiple accounts of the whats app this is the best option to use.

4. Airbnb:

Those who frequently travel to some places they must use this app. By using this app we can find hostels, rooms or hotels easily to stay at a single place. We can search for accommodations and we can talk with hosts directly and we can book through the app once they are convinced.

With this app we can find the travel adventure and we can book all the things and everything we need like hotels, travel, food etc on the trip by using this app. Or become a host and earn with Airbnb. This is the best app for saving and earning money.

5. Hulu:

One of the best and amazing entertainment android app  we can watch TV, online shows, movies atc.we can be personalized with by selecting the options like TV shows, movies etc. we can also select the on-demand channels.

Hulu has huge streaming libraries and it has a huge collection of data like tv shows, movies, web series, and many more. It is very intelligent and gives suggestions based on our previous watch history and the more we watch the more we get better like tracking of our favorite shows and etc in my stuff. This is one of the most followed and loved and voted app for online video streaming.


We have gathered the best and free android applications for you the best of best then we will need to get the most of the applications on your android mobile. Do you have any queries please comment below.