How Can Kids Have a Very Good Command of the Concept of Long Division?


Long division is considered to be the compressive method of dividing very large numbers which will help in breaking the division problem into multiple steps that will be following a comprehensive sequence. Just as in the case of regular division problems the dividend will be divided by the divisor which will ultimately help in providing the people with proper access to the quotient and sometimes it will also help in giving a reminder as well.

In the world of mathematics long division is considered to be the comprehensive method of dividing very large numbers into steps or parts which will help in bringing the division problem into a particular sequence of easier steps.

How Can Kids Have a Very Good Command of the Concept of Long Division

This is considered to be one of the most common methods to be taught to the kids in the very early classes so that they have a good command over the entire process very easily.

Following are the very basic components of the long division method:

  • Dividend: This is the number that has to be divided
  • Divisor: This is the number that will divide the dividend
  • Quotient: This will be the result of the division
  • Reminder: This will be the leftover part of the number left after certain steps and it cannot be divided further.

How can people indulge in the concept of long division?

The division is considered to be one of the most important basic mathematical operations which have to be carried out by the people and in the world of arithmetic calculations, this is known as the standard division algorithm for dividing very large numbers. Following are the basic steps to be taken into consideration in the whole process:

  • People need to take the first digit of the dividend and check if this particular digit is greater or equal to the divisor
  • Then one will need to divide the dividend by the divisor and write the answer on the top as the question
  • After this people need to subtract the results from the divisor digit and write the difference below
  • Now we will need to do bring down the next number if it will be present in the whole process
  • After this repeatedly steps have to be carried out

Following are some of the very basic points which everyone should know about the concept of long division:


  • The dividend will always be greater than the divisor as well as the quotient
  • The remainder will always be smaller than the divisor
  • For the division method, the divisor will never be equal to 0
  • The division will be repeated subtraction so people can check the quotient with repeated subtractions very easily.
  • One can go with the option of checking the quotient and remainder of the division with the utilisation of a competency formula which is explained as:
  • The dividend is equal to divisor into question plus reminder
  • If the remainder is 0, then one can go with the option of checking the question by multiplying it with the divisor
  • If the product is equal to the dividend then the question will be correct in the whole process

The long division problems will also include different kinds of problems associated with the decimals as well as polynomials so that people can deal with things very easily and there is no problem at any point in time. Hence, becoming the master of this particular concept will always require the people to indulge in proper practising with the help of several kinds of platforms like Cuemath so that there is no issue at any point in time and people have a very good command over the whole thing. Depending on platforms like Cuemath website is the best possible way of having proper access to the right kind of tips and tricks of dealing with the long division method very easily so that people can become masters of the field and there is no problem at any point of time especially in solving the questions.