Five Best Travel Apps That All Of Us Need On Our Phones


There are so many people who possess an Android device today. It may be a smartphone or tablet, but the vast array of available devices enable you to make the most of your Android. These applications provide you with unparalleled assistance in a myriad of different ways, thereby helping you in different areas of your life.

One kind of application that we all need on our phones is travel applications. These are the best apps for anyone traveling, be it for leisure or business. 

These applications can help you in a variety of different ways. For instance, some applications can help you with booking travel or accommodation, while others give you information about the destination or itineraries. Regardless of your need and requirement, you need an excellent app selection for planning travel. 

Now, let us address some of the must-have travel apps on your phone.


‘For anyone wanting to travel, one of the must-have applications on your phone is Airbnb, comments’ Rebecca, a reviewer who has written saniflo reviews for MyPlumbersChoice. 

 Well, absolutely! Airbnb comes with some of the most diverse options. For people who are unaware, Airbnb can help you rent spare rooms. It has more than 2.5 million homes in 190 countries across the world. You can add events to the itinerary if you want other stuff. The apps did have their share of problems, and their independent nature becomes the cause of the issues several times.

However, it is an incredibly fun way to skirt the travel experience and go with a different, or rather a cheaper, pick. Couchsurfing is another fun and the interesting option of Airbnb.


Hipmunk can be your all-in-one travel solution. You can use the application to plan and book different aspects of your travel. The application allows you to book hotels and flights via the app, and you can even get detailed information about your flights.

Further, the app also provides you with details on the last-minute deals on accommodation, reviews, entertainment details, and destination information.


Well, in all honesty, we have been hooked on this application for a long, long time. Though we are talking about Android applications, this also works for iPhone and is lauded with the ‘Apple iPhone App of the Year’ award. This application can be best defined as the course in your hand’s palm, than just a list of jumbled words. It applies reviewing and repetition to ensure that you have grasped it and amalgamates visual prompts and audio learning. It is a great application for someone with a Visual Sequencing problem or Dyslexia. You will love and find the mixed learning methods pretty helpful. 

Though you won’t get fluent with Duolingo, you will have adequate to get you through. The app has an array of languages too.


‘It totally sucks waiting at the airports, and for someone like me who is into budget flying, airlines with terrible connections, long layovers, dirty seats, bad food, and expensive Wi-Fi are a regular instance for travelers like me.

So, the only place, which assures some respite, is the lounges, but you cannot even wander close to the lounges without the business class tickets. One thing that takes my pain away in this situation is the LoungeBuddy,’ comments Daniel, an online reviewer who has reviews, like best women’s eyebrow trimmer to his credit. 

Well, let us give you the reasoning behind Daniel’s love for LoungeBuddy. In LoungeBuddy, you have to provide for your lounge membership, airline status, credit card, and the application tells you the lounges you can access at any airport. So, even if you do not travel business, the app can let you know about the free lounges or the ones that can be bought with a day pass. It is free, easy to use, and slick.  

Google Trips

This one is your all-in-one application to plan a great trip. It picks up your travel reservations from Gmail and organizes them. In the same manner, it collects hotel and flight details and car reservations. Further, it can also automatically pick other trip-related information from your emails.

Consequently, the application provides you with recommendations and provides you with a couple of suggestions and incredible sights available around your destination and may be of interest to you. One of the best things about Google Trips is that the app is also available offline.

So, you can conveniently save the trip details and access them in offline mode. In all, the application can be a great trip planner. It is a free application with in-app purchases but no ads.  

So, these are five of the best travel applications you can have on your Android smartphone. They can help you through your travel and make your visit to the new destination all the more fun, enjoyable, and less confusing.