Top 8 Best Android Emulators For PCAndroid games 

Top 8 Best Android Emulators For PC

In the race of smartphones, Android has contributed a major piece of technology which rocked current technology regime. A decade ago, no one has ever imagined to have 5.5 inch screen to have beast configuration, This very configuration is capable enough to run previous decade released operating system, not only that it can even run current latest OS. Today’s smartphone are reliable when it comes to multi tasking, gaming and more. You can also run on PC using Android Emulators.

There are plenty reasons why one would switch from PC to Android devices. There are several aspects. Every one agrees to one statement that nothing can replace an actual laptop or windows PC.

Top 8 Best Android Emulators For PC

There are many users who like to be on Microsoft OS, Windows PC or Laptop. We cannot blame them for creating such innovative operating system. At the same time they want to use android smartphone, which is technically possible but it is good distraction.

Now that we are in new ERA of gadgets, the possibilities have increased even more after Android emulators have hit the android market.

Android emulators became very popular because it enables a user to run Android Apps and Games on Windows or Mac based pc and laptop. Every one has their own creativity reason why they want to use it on PC. The reason behind me using android emulator is that i want to play games on larger screen, not only that I’m tired of using touch screen as im use to keyboard touch.

Whatever the reason behind installing android emulator on PC, you can play games and run android apps smoothly without any issues. Don’t worry, if you have never heard of it. I will show you how to download and install from step-to-step.

What Is Android Emulator:

Android Emulator is a simulator which emulates android apps and games to run on PC. There are a lot of android emulators available but you have to choose the perfect emualator carefully, if you make a mistake you end up experience lag and hang. You will also loose lots of mega bytes and time.

Top 8 Best Android Emulators:

To help you, we have shortlisted Top 8 Best Android Emulators for Your PC.

Bluestacks Android Emulator:

Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator. It is famous for its premium quality experience during and after usage. It has features which can run even larger file games smoothly.

Bluestacks has invested on their product for improvements and they have succeeded in adding new features and made the emulator even stronger than before.Current version emulator is now capable to handle more than three applications. They have improved graphics functions and allow you to play games at premium level. You won’t face any issues like lagging, frames or hang during the game.

Well go to the official site and download the installer. Now launch the installer then remaining necessary files will be downloaded meanwhile.

  • Bluestacks is free to download.
  • It is a standalone downloader.
  • No external software required.
  • You can install non-market apps by taping on .APK file.
  • You can broadcast your own streaming on twitch by subscribing to paid version.
  • Supports windows XP to higher OS.

Koplayer Android Emulator for PC:

KOplayer Android Emulator is available in multiple platforms. This emulator runs all of the android related apps smoothly on your PC at free of charge. The program comes at free of cost so you don’t have worry about your budget.

This program is good for those whose configuration is low because it is a light weight emulator which is why it doesn’t put a toll on your PC. With this emulator you can run all major apps like messenger, whatsapp, twitter and more. You can even run game like Asphalt 8, WWE immortals and more.

  • KOplayer Android Emulator is free to download.
  • It supports all major features and it is stand lone installer.
  • It has in-built Google play so you do not need to worry about to download it from somewhere else.
  • Supports all windows based PC.

Andy Android Emulator for PC:

Andy emulator has proved that the emulator has come to market to stay on top. The emulator was actually for power, since there avid gamers out there and wanna try some serious gaming on their PC using android emulator.

Andy Android emulator was kind of a fluke when it was released and why not, everyone learn from their mistakes so did Andy. Then they one again released their updated version which later on became one of the most used android emulator.

Andy supports few unique features, which you won’t find in other emulators from launchers to games. There are games which require joystick feature so you can use your mobile as joystick and it supports 3rd part applications.

  • Andy OS is free ware, you can download it for free.
  • Andy supports all windows based PC.
  • Andy has ARM support.
  • It require virtual box to be installed.
  • It supports 3rd party games and apps.

GenyMotion Android Emulator for PC:

Genymotion is equipped with very good features which comes in handy. If you have no interest in purchasing an android device without testing it then install genymotion as it has several features which even rival bluestacks when compared.

Genymotion is the competition of bluestacks when compared in terms of speed, architecture and graphic unit. Genymotion is not favorable if using it for frequent texting purpose. This cool android emulator can be downloaded for free. To access their premium you have to but their premium package.

  • Genymotion android emulator is free to download
  • If you want to access full version, get ready to pay few bucks.
  • Alternative for Bluestacks.
  • Requires virtualbox to run the Genymotion software.
  • Supports all windows versions.

Droid 4X Android Emulator for PC:

Droid4X is considered as the most powerful android emulator in the emulator store. Droi4x is all about power but it requires good configuration system PC, which is has to be dual core running processor (Atom or Celeron Dual-core tends to lag) and RAM should be avove 1.5GB with 512 Graphic card to run the Droid4X at maximum capacity.

you can experience lag free gaming with some advance features on Droid4X. It has very good stability and speed when you are playing games. You can imagine if the games running smoothly then how it would perform when using other applications like asphalt 8.

  • Droid4X is free to download (No premium version available).
  • You can major games smoothly.
  • You can also run games on lower version of PC like Pentium 4 2.1GHZ with 1GB Ram and 128MB graphics but you won’t be able to play smoothly.
  • It requires virtualbox to be installed.

YouWave Android Emulator for PC:

Youwave is another android emulator, it has few features worth trying out. I would say that it is still early for Youwave to be called best android emulator in emulator line.

I have used Youwave for a while to test its features since youwave is light weight so it won’t put pressure on my old PC. Youwave is good for old configuration PC running Pentium 4 and Atom processor. It works smoothly on 32bit OS version windows PC as well, however i won’t recommend this emulator for gaming.

  • Free android emulator.(Worth it)
  • Supports Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • International keyboard with ADB support.

NOX Android Emulator for PC:

NOX android emulator (NOX App Player) is a free emulator which can be used for regular but basic needs. If you have a good configuration PC then i think you might like to make NOX as your primary android emulator. It might not the best one like Droid4X. It might not running without external software but it has few features which makes it much stabilized android emulator in the list. Gaming on NOX android emulator is smoothly and it is very stable when using it. NOX doesn’t hang often, it is quite rare.

  • NOX is free android emulator to download.
  • Better replacement for Droid4X.
  • Supports all windows OS.
  • Good for gaming, Assistive Utilities.
  • NOX has a blog with full of solutions for your problems, you can check out and also contact them for bug fixes.

Xamarin Android Emulator for PC:

Where ever you search for, Xamarin is most unpopular android emulator which has all the features and quality to be on the top list, yet it is not famous (Blame the software promoters). Xamarin is kind of light weight yet it does a great job.

Xamarin requires external software called virtualbox installed to begin with.

  • Xamarin is free to download (No premium version available).
  • Supports Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • Works smoothly even on Laptops.
  • It runs all major games and apps.
  • Xamarin App Player requires Virtualbox to be installed.
  • Xamarin comes in both 32BIT and 64BIT architecture.


Wrap Up:

Android emulators are famous because of their advanced features. No matter what are reasons behind installing an android emulator but it indeed give you a better experience when compared to smartphone.

The reason, why bluestacks is on top because the software i standalone and it requires no external software. Where rest of emulators expect bluestacks require VIRTUAL BOX installed.

We have mentioned few android emulators many are not aware of, if you think we have missed any emulator or you need suggestion then feel free to comment.

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