Top 10 apps that are not available on Google play store Android Apps 

Top 10 apps that are not available on Google play store

When we browse around the Google play store, you can find thousands of the Android apps covering different topics and sometimes be trying each and every android app is like taking forever. Not only that, but we can also find apps which are not even worth to be trying on our smartphones but somehow they end up on the Google play store. Most of these apps are fake and making false advertisements of what they are claiming¬†the app to be. However, that’s not the end. There are also several Android…

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Top 15 Antivirus Apps for Android Android Apps 

Top 15 Anti-virus Apps for Android

As how important a computer required an antivirus to protect their side of an important information. Even more important for your mobile to keep your important collections and information secured. As most of the users have come across to the issues of having a bugs into their mobile or virus attacking their files which was interrupted their documents are music videos every time the news so in order to protect yourself and get rid of such activities top 10 mobile antivirus are collected and analysed by us to make sure…

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Top 8 Best Android Emulators For PC Android games 

Top 8 Best Android Emulators For PC

In the race of smartphones, Android has contributed a major piece of technology which rocked current technology regime.¬†A decade ago, no one has ever imagined to have 5.5 inch screen to have beast configuration, This very configuration is capable enough to run previous decade released operating system, not only that it can even run current latest OS. Today’s smartphone are reliable when it comes to multi tasking, gaming and more. You can also run on PC using Android Emulators. There are plenty reasons why one would switch from PC to…

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