How to increase your YouTube views in 2022?


Since the last few years, YouTube has grown as a great channel for education, promotion, entertainment, and interaction with audiences. The customer base of YouTube has grown in a large proportion.

This indicates that people around the world like YouTube a lot and are exploring all its features and capabilities.

But that doesn’t mean you can fool YouTube and promote your content. The developers have imposed many techniques for detecting such malpractices.

Increase YouTube views

Thus, if you want to promote your business and content on YouTube then you must work appropriately and in the right way. Working in the right way will ensure more genuine traffic to your YouTube channel. This is where Magic SMM Panel comes into play, helping you with your YouTube views, Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers and much more.

Genuine traffic ensures more engagement, genuine likes and views, enhanced user experience, and greater business opportunities. Thus, for helping you in generating YouTube views we have mentioned some useful tips in this post.

You can use these tips easily for your YouTube channel.

Use catchy titles and descriptions

Try writing attractive and catchy titles for your YouTube video. This helps in clearly describing the purpose of your video to your audience. Try including keywords in the title and description.

This would help you rank better among the search results on YouTube. You can easily find these keywords with free and paid keyword research tools. One such popular and free keyword research tool is Google Keyword Planner.

Use quality keywords

Using high ranking and low-competition keywords in video description can help you rank your video. Writing a clear description with effective keywords will clearly describe the purpose of your video to the targeted audience.

This also helps in increasing the click-through rate on your video. try using short-tail keywords. This would help you create relevant content while adding to your ranking.

Use relevant tags

Using tags will help you distinguish your video content. Also, it would make the purpose of your video clearer to the audience.

Combine relevant tags with catchy titles and useful keywords for clearly stating the purpose of your videos. Including unnecessary tags won’t help. It will only confuse your viewer. For this purpose, you can again make use of keyword research tools.

Thumbnail image optimization

The Thumbnail image plays a major role in increasing the views of your YouTube videos. It will act like your hero image.

Always use a high-quality thumbnail image. The image should be descriptive, attractive, and have eye-catching and readable fonts. Try including facial close-ups in the thumbnail image.

Your thumbnail image should be the video correspondent of the title and description of the video.

Include transcript

Including transcripts of your video can help you increase your YouTube ranking. Closed captions can help you get more YouTube views. This is because they cater to disabled and international audiences.

The greater YouTube ranking you have; the more views will be there on your videos. Although you can purchase YouTube views that is not a great strategy for long term success.

YouTube algorithm prefers more behavioral analytics and accordingly ranks your videos.

Create educative content

Your content is the most crucial factor in generating views in 2022. If your content is not relevant and is not relatable then there would not be many views.

Provide the content that is useful and valuable to your audience. Keep them engaged with your video content. Only then they will watch the complete video and will share it with their friends and family. You can also use text to voice generator to add voice-overs to your videos to make them more compelling and informative.

Adopt viral trends

Do not try to create videos on outdated updates. People tend to get attracted more towards updates and freshly brewed content.

Analyze the prevailing trend in your industry and then create content on it. It may not be easy to cope with the constantly changing trends. Although you can try to match it through continuous work.

Create industry-specific content

Create video content that suits best for your industry. Creating such content helps in attracting more views and likes to your video.

Try to analyze the content of your competitors and include them within your videos. But this view doesn’t support plagiarism. But try including the same content in your way.

Include cards

YouTube optimization features allow you to include content within other videos. One such feature is cards.

You can easily use such cards for promoting your other video content, for getting more subscribers, for promotional events, for increasing traffic to the website, and many more.

Design end screens

An end screen is a useful tool for letting the audience know more about your channel and other videos. You can include end screens for describing your other videos, relevant playlists, and recommended videos.

Also, you can provide more information about your website at the end screen of the YouTube video. This would help you drive more traffic to your website.


In this post, we stated the top 10 tips through which you can increase your YouTube views in 2020. Although these are not definite steps to follow. You need to be patient for observing the progress.

The changes you include can take time to show their effect. You should consistently work for improving your YouTube ranking. There are a lot many ways through which you can increase your YouTube views in 2022.

These ways can include autoplay features for embedded videos, creating playlists for your videos, using SEO analyst techniques for improving ranking, using social media platforms for video promotion, and many more.

We hope that our tips helped you in finding your answer. Happy YouTubing.