How to Increase Traffic for Website in 2021


Surely the site is created for a reason. Especially if we are talking about an online store. The math here is very simple: more visitors — more purchases — more profit. It’s simple. The most difficult and important thing in this business is traffic. How to lure users to your site? There is no formula that can easily and simply help you attract more users. You need to spend time and money in order for the site to be in demand. In this article, we will break down the best methods to increase traffic.

Add Your Pages to the Google Index for Free

Once you have created a site, you need to help the search robots process your resource thoroughly. To do this, you need to add the URLs of all dynamic pages to Google Search Console. But let’s add right away that adding pages to the Google console doesn’t affect its rating and from this it will not get into the PageRank system. By the way, working with the Google console is completely free and available to everyone.

Find Out How Google Sees Your Site

As soon as you open access to the site, you will find out what words are used in the links to your pages. This will provide information about the relevance of your content and its ranking for certain keywords.

Identify Potential Problems

It is important to immediately understand if there is a problem with your site. To do this, analyze your robots.txt file. You can do this in Google Search Console. You will be able to immediately determine which pages aren’t being indexed. Experiment with different changes and see how they affect your site’s processing.

Eliminate Technical Issues

Again, Google Console shows what errors are on the site. Don’t ignore them. Correct any existing problems and request a recheck.

Find out what requests users come to your site for.

Also, the service from Google will allow you to find out which search queries are used for referrals. You can find out what position your site is in. This information is important for further progress.

How to Increase Website Traffic with SEO

You can’t do your site being in demand without SEO for small business. Yes, this process is not quick, but it will bring you results. Initially, you need to put the site in order and make it useful and user-friendly. To understand where you are going, study your competitors.

When looking at your competitors, pay attention to:

  • Site structure;
  • Key requests for which the resource is being promoted;
  • Top Traffic Pages;
  • Loading speed of the desktop and mobile versions of the site;
  • Internal and external links, etc.

Then, make a plan for each item. It is important not to lag behind competitors, but on the contrary, to get around them. Below we offer you a simple list for internal website optimization:

  • Check the layout and how it is displayed in different browsers;
  • Remove duplicate pages;
  • Set page indexing;
  • Compile the semantic core;
  • Fill in all tags;
  • Optimize the resource for the mobile version.

Don’t forget about external optimization:

  • Check the quality of inbound links;
  • Register with Google services;
  • Build tons of inbound links.

We have already mentioned that it is important to make the site user-friendly, that is, to improve its usability. If the user easily finds what he needs, doesn’t get confused in the sections — the usability of your site is good. Visitors will come back to you again and recommend you. If the user is on the site for less than 10 seconds, it is worth thinking about improving this very usability. This is important, because search engines take into account the bounce rate, this lowers the site in the search results.

Website SEO Audit

You won’t get very far without an audit. Sometimes it is enough to even just fix the mistakes to make the site start to please you. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes that every webmaster encounters:

  • Low quality content;
  • Duplicate pages;
  • Incorrectly filled meta tags.

These simple problems can be solved in just a couple of hours. You don’t even need to be a great SEO. By correcting these problems, the traffic will start to grow. However, this is not enough for full optimization.

Resource Speed

Nobody is interested in waiting for a page to load. The faster your site opens, the higher your rankings. Therefore, watch how quickly the pages of your resource are loaded, and, if necessary, increase the loading speed.

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