8 Tips for Creating a Poster That Wows


Interestingly enough, small businesses only spend about one percent of their annual revenue on advertising. Thus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to market your business and be successful.

Of course, social media is a great way to attract new clients to your business and get organic traffic on your website. But, traditional marketing campaigns, such as creating a poster, is also cost-effective. When used correctly, it can be a great way to promote your business.

In this post, we’ll share eight great tips for making a poster that will attract a lot of attention to your business. So, let’s get started!

  1. Use an Easy-to-Read Font

Most of the time, people read posters from a distance. So if you want your message to stand out, you need to use a large font that is appealing but not difficult to read.

If you’re using a poster maker online, templates can help you choose the right font.

  1. Choose Eye-Catching Colors

Colors are one of the best ways to attract the right attention to your poster. So it’s important to think about the demographic you are marketing to and choose a color palette that aligns with it.

For example, if you advertise a nightclub, neon colors would be appropriate. However, these same colors wouldn’t be the best choice for a real estate company.

  1. Create Contrast

Of course, your color scheme and fonts shouldn’t be so plain that the poster goes unnoticed. So don’t be afraid to experiment with bold ideas!

For example, if your printing company allows it, go for a high color background instead of white.

  1. Make it Scalable

Most people create a digital poster to print in large format. But, while you’re at it, you can make the design useful for other marketing projects as well by scaling it down.

Then, you can use your design in an email, on social media, as a flyer, or as the landing page for your website.

  1. Stand Out

Will your poster be on a bulletin board? If so, you’ll have plenty of competition for your audience’s attention. But, using an attention-grabbing design from a free poster creator will make all the difference and help you get noticed.

  1. Remember Your Call-to-Action

Your poster should have an objective. For instance, it may raise brand awareness or inform readers of an upcoming event. Including a call-to-action tells the audience what they should do, whether that’s following you on social media or buying tickets for a concert.

  1. Make Sure Images Are High Resolution

The images you choose for your poster should attract the attention of those who see them. Yet, that won’t happen if they’re pixelated or grainy. So, make sure you use high-resolution images in large formats when you create a poster online.

  1. Add a QR Code

Posters are usually in high-traffic areas, and people don’t always have time to read the whole thing. But if they’re interested in what they see, passersby will scan the QR code for more information. And this is a great way to direct them to your social media or website!

Creating a Poster Is Easy!

After reading the tips in this article, you know how to create a poster that will appeal to your target audience and get real results. Of course, creating a poster can be a time-consuming task, so be sure to find a free poster template that will make it much easier!

If you’d like more tips that can help you market your business, check out more of our great content!