Top 10 apps that are not available on Google play store Android Apps 

Top 10 apps that are not available on Google play store

When we browse around the Google play store, you can find thousands of the Android apps covering different topics and sometimes be trying each and every android app is like taking forever. Not only that, but we can also find apps which are not even worth to be trying on our smartphones but somehow they end up on the Google play store. Most of these apps are fake and making false advertisements of what they are claiming the app to be. However, that’s not the end. There are also several Android…

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Z4root app Latest Apk Download And It’s Features

In our previous articles, we have shared many apps which are perfect and safe to use for rooting your android device. I’ve recommended you to go back there and read our articles to get full knowledge about rooting, and it’s used. We’ve also mentioned some of best ways to root almost any Android device. But if you are unable to root your device using those apps then don’t be sad. We’ve got an another excellent app to share with you guys i.e Z4root app. I guess most of you might never be…

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Top 15 Antivirus Apps for Android Android Apps 

Top 15 Anti-virus Apps for Android

As how important a computer required an antivirus to protect their side of an important information. Even more important for your mobile to keep your important collections and information secured. As most of the users have come across to the issues of having a bugs into their mobile or virus attacking their files which was interrupted their documents are music videos every time the news so in order to protect yourself and get rid of such activities top 10 mobile antivirus are collected and analysed by us to make sure…

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Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android Android Apps 

Top 10 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Technology has become so echo friendly in which everyone would love to see themselves to be a part of it. And as per the mobile phones with everyone have something to offer with the new features which are unable every year. As per the analyses most of the users would love to be a part of Android which has become a viral around the countries. We love listening to music and, how about Android is helping people to listen to the music as music as possible. They are many android applications…

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Top 5 Rooting Apps Android Apk featured Android Apps 

Top 5 Rooting Apps Android Apk

Android rooting has become a little old topic to about, unlike those old days when root was a cool trendy topic to talk about. That doesn’t mean that rooting an android doesn’t mean anything. An android smartphone cannot be complete with rooting your device and use it like more than just a regular smartphone. Android rooting is essential if you want to add a custom firmware to your device, it is difficult to add custom files on official version running android device, while after root an android smartphone can do more than…

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Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices Android Apps 

Top 10 E-Mail Client Apps for Android Smartphone Devices

Manufacturers have added additional utility apps on every android phone to make it more useful. The email client on android comes with their version of email client. They add their own custom features From one manufacturer to another. However, no default can perform better than 3rd party email client because they are reliable and we cannot use them for more than once. They are simply not reliable so we end up seeking hel;p from 3rd party apps, which does a great job when delivering speed, quick and easy. Mostly we…

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Free Cooking Apps for Android Smartphone Devices

Hello guys, we are back again with a new post on Free Cooking Apps for Android Smartphone Devices that makes your cooking skills more better and awesome. So, at first lets look at what these Free Cooking Apps for Android Smartphone Devices are meant for. These cooking apps helps you to learn new recipes that you have ever tried at your home. These apps helps you to come out of your regular food style and try a new food that feels fabulous. Here this list also contains the recipes that…

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Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS Android Apps 

Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS

Social networking websites have changed the rule of connecting people, you can meet new people using these websites and hang out with them. However you might not get what you want from that friend you met on social network site. So, here are the Top 10 Dating Apps for Android and iOS. That’s when dating Android app launched to solve this puzzle. Dating app helps like minded people to open up and hang out with each other. Open up new source of opportunity for each other. Dating apps are for those who…

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ShowBox App Review And It’s Best Features

well in our last article, we wrote about the best app which helps its users to watch any of their favourite movies,reality shows,or stream music online without any issues on almost any android and IOS devices. So today in this article I will be sharing a detailed review of ShowBox app and also tell you it’s best features which make this app so cool among ,So without wasting any time further let’s jump into the topic straight away. About ShowBox App  Before starting the review,first, let’s discuss ShowBox app so…

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8 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android Smartphone Android Apps 

8 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android Smartphone

Just think how many of us out there who doesn’t buy a mobile phone which doesn’t support the Internet? Well, honestly not many apparently. The Internet usage has increased lately breaking previous as we have several social media sites, apps like WhatsApp where you can voice clips using your android smartphone. There are several voice and video calling apps which help you to connect any one from anywhere with Internet connectivity in a matter of seconds. Almost every calling app is now coming at free of cost. There are plenty…

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