Voot App for PC Windows Download to Watch TV Shows and Movies Free


With the internet being such a major part of our lives in recent days, it has had quite a big impact on the way we do things. Starting from shopping to promotion and now even how we stream online videos. Voot is one such app that lets you stream TV shows and channels on your computer with ease. A successful venture by Viacom 18 digital, it has a wide range of the biggest shows and channels to choose from, including but not limited to colors TV serials, MTV and certain other movies and shows. Voot has quickly become the one-stop shop for everything TV. Check steps to download Voot App for PC Windows below.

In simpler words, voot acts as a platform, allowing its users to reap the fun of TV shows on demand, anywhere and at any time. Along with TV shows, Voot offers several other movies and other news channels so that you are never bored of the same content. In addition to this, all of this content can be availed by the user for free and in various languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, and so on.  Voot is the perfect example of how the TV looks on your computer or mobile screen.

How to Download Voot App for PC, Windows for Free?

voot app for pc

The Voot app acts as a cherry on the cake, providing you with easy access to some of the best and your favorite shows. It acts as a shortcut and helps you save time by quickly finding your favorite shows wherever and anywhere. The app is known to provide several other features as well. Although it is easy to download on a mobile platform, installing it on the computer can sometimes be a bit more cumbersome. Further mentioned below are a few steps necessary to download the Voot app for your Windows PC, for free.

Step 1:To start with the process, you first have to download and install the Bluestacks application on your computer. The Bluestacks app player further helps your computer support every android games and apps on your computer.

Step 2:Once you have made the search and found the latest version of Bluestacks on the web, find the right download link and install the application on your computer.

Step 3: After you have finished the installation, the application will require some time to initialize and download properly. The time needed for this process solely depends on your internet speed.

Step 4:Once it has installed properly, click on the option of ‘run when the installation finishes.’ This will automatically open the Bluestacks app when the installation is complete, and the application is initiated.

Step 5:Inside the Bluestacks app, look for the search option and type in the app you want to download, in this case, the Voot app. Search for Voot app Apk. and download the first option provided to enjoy the services of Voot on your windows computer.

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How to Use Voot App for Windows Online to Watch TV Shows?

The Voot app has made it very easy for its users to search for and watch their favorite TV shows and movies. With their user-friendly design and mindful categorization, this app has quickly become one of the most used on-demand video streaming apps in the country.

To start using the Voot app, there is not a lot you have to do. Once you have finished downloading the app on your mobile platform or windows computer, just log onto the site and search for the show you want to watch in the search box provided.

However, if you are just surfing and do not have a specific show in mind, you can find something that interests you from the thousands of shows and episodes they offer. Just filter your search either by ‘shows’ or ‘channels’ and enjoy. It is this simplistic approach that has made Voot one of the greatest names in the industry today.

Features of Voot Application?

Voot has been growing at a significant pace in the market in the last few years and has quickly become one of the country’s most-viewed and profitable media network. Offering TV on demand, this Viacom 18 venture has a list of some of the best Indian TV shows including Roadies, Comedy Nights with Kapil and much more. However, apart from the shows, there are some features that make Voot app so recognized. Further mentioned below are some of the features of the Voot app for PC:

  • Library: It is a given that you will never bore yourself if you are on voot. With a vast library of more than 17,000 hours of content, this app has something for everyone to watch. You can easily browse through your favorite channels such as MTV, VH1, Colors, and the other big names in the TV industry.
  • Design: This application has a very simple and usable interface. This is done so that users of any age can easily access their favorite shows on the app. The user-friendly approach, along with interesting and loved content you want to watch, makes the Voot app is so successful in this market. Most contemporary applications have a lot of colors and animations. However, Voot’s choice to keep it simple helped it connect with the part of the population that is not tech-savvy. You just simply log onto the website, search for your show and enjoy it.

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Pros and Cons of Voot App for PC?


  1. Content: Voot has a wide range of shows and movies from the Indian market which are usually owned by or are the subsidiaries of Viacom 18. Some of the most watched channels in this app are MTV and colors.
  2. Pricing: Unlike its contemporaries in the market, the Voot app does not charge its users any monthly fee to access their services.


  1. Performance: Since Voot does not charge their users for its services, they have to look for other ways to earn, which gives rise to advertisements in between streaming. This can get quite irritating once you are into watching a series.
  2. Offline viewing options: unlike some of Voot’s competitors in the market, Voot does not provide its users with the option of downloading shows for offline watching.

In conclusion, although Voot has come a long way it still has a lot to do to be at par with its contemporaries in the market, it is an excellent platform for people looking for more Indian content.