Le Max 2 Specs, Features and Price in India


Le Max 2 Mobile

LeEco is a Chinese technology company and is also one of the online video company in china. Its headquarters is situated in Beijing. It was founded by Jia Yueting in the year 2004. LeEco group in gradually increasing its company by providing competition the devices and application which are similar t their production. Le Max 2 is the new smartphone from Le Max.

Earlier Le Max has launches four mobile versions they are Le 1,Le 1pro,Le 1s and Le Max. These four are the Smartphone’s which have come into the market with USB Type-C ports and with dual SIM availability.

USB TYPE-C PORT means the port which is available f or the charger to insert has this port where you can connect the charger in any of the ways i.e. you can connect the charger in the reverse way also.

Now, LeEco has come up with its fifth version mobile i.e. the LE MAX 2 this mobile has been widely applauded for its features. The main feature where most of the customers show their interest is the fingerprint and also the Memory is more when compared with the mobile phones which came into existence in 2016.

Le Max 2 Specs


Firstly if you want to buy this mobile you need to get yourself registered and the first flash sale will be held o 28th june 2016 at 2pm . So you can register on or before 1pm of 28th June 2016. This mobile version is also available with FlipKart and Le mall.

There is also outstanding offer on this Le Max2 mobile version if your shopping at Le mall.

  • You will be getting 10% off if you shop with HDFC debit or credit cards.
  • Le Type-c Headphones worth Rs.1990 are free.
  • Free Le Eco membership for one year worth Rs.4900

Le Max2 Specifications and Features

Status                                       :   Not yet released

Operating system                 :   Android 6 marshmallow which is the latest version.

Camera                                    : The Le Max 2 has a 21 megapixel rear (primary) camera with led flash and also has                                                      extremely high resolution picture clarity. It also has 8 megapixel front camera and                                                      it is a great choice for the user to take selfies. It can record 4K high definition video                                                      with its primary camera  and it is the highest resolution current smart phones                                                               support.

Display                                     : The Le Max 2 has a 5.7 inch screen display, which is very large when compared                                                            with the phone released in 2016. Because its large  screen display, this phone is                                                          also qualified as a phablet (phone+tablet).

Battery                                    : The battery capacity of  Le Max 2 hold 3,100 mAh, , which is more than the above                                                         average battery capacity for a Smartphone which is released in 2016.

Processor & memory            :Le Max 2 holds a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processing system. CPU                                                          runs at a speed of 2.15 GHz.

                                                    Le Max 2 has 4Gb Ram and holds 32Bb internal memory. Similarly you also have                                                          advanced memory version with 8 GB Ram and 64 Gb internal memory.

Connectivity & Features       :Mobile hotspot tethering,4G,3G,Bluetooth 4.1 version, Wi-Fi.

Sensors                                      :Accelometer, GPS, Fingerprint ID.